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To clean, or not to clean. That is the survey.

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Let's see what kind of people we have here....

Do you "enjoy" cleaning your weapons???

Would you rather just shoot and not clean them???

Do you clean them just because you're bored, even though they're already clean???

Me, I like cleaning them. I clean them sometimes, just because. I'll clean yours if you send them to me. (I might get them dirty first, though)
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I'm the same way. I clean them for entertainment, or just because. Or if it's been awhile, even if I haven't shot them. I just like to clean them.
I am not sure I really enjoy cleaning, but I do find it some what relaxing.
my carry gun gets stripped, degreased and relubed once a week even if i dont shoot it , my others i gotta admit are hit or miss on cleaning , i try to maintain them but sometimes i am lax on my recreational guns
I used to be a ''recreational cleaner'' in early days- no more! :wink:

I break cleaning down into different categories - and the one that gets least attention is often the bore, if I am shooting jackets. I will tho remove powder residue and crud from breech areas, feed ramps - and still do a normal take down. Much importance placed on lube where it is needed, in minimal quantities.

With revo's I clean chambers, clean burn marks from frame and cyl but again - bore may not get attention every time.

I think serious bore fouling is not really a factor until you get up to high velocities and so rifle bores get more attention as does for example .454 Casull - copper gets deposited on that baby.

I almost prefer to carry after a magfull gone thru post cleaning - sorta check proceedure, which hardly leaves gun soiled at all.

I call my approach minimalist - but within the realms of common sense - well, as I see it :smile:
i used to clean all the time now im in a lazy mode..

My trooper hasnt been cleaned since nov nor my 500 smith nor the 41 or 44 mag nor the 300 win mag

Glock 17 hasnt been cleaned since end of nov when it and the 1911's got cleaned

Glock 20 hasnt been cleaned yet ran a patch down bore oiled it took it out and shot it

Same with 22 conversion kit for 17

soon as it gets real cold again im guessing ill start cleaning
Do I Like To Clean My Guns?

I'd rather smell Hoppe's #9 than Chanel #5.:haha:
I clean mine after every shoot.

Of course, as much as I shoot, they do get pretty filthy so its a neccesary thing.

My carry guns are spotless.
I'm with Glock21Guy.

However, When I do a cleaning on my 1911's they get detail stripped down to their basic componets. I clean and inspect each part individually.

So when I do clean, I'm kinda fanatical about it.
When I clean my guns [which is once a week regardless if they've been discharged] I usually sit over at my neighbors [they are infantrymen btw], put in a good war movie, tip a few beers down and just enjoy cleaning. Sometimes if I'm lucky one of the boys will offer to clean one up for me!
My Carry Firearm Is Always Clean & A-1

Since usually when I do go shoot these days I always take 4 or 5 short guns with me.
I do not always get to clean them right away when I get home.
I pop them each into their own Zip Loc Bag when I get them home.
Into each bag I put a fresh Silica Gel & a pinch of Vapor Phase Inhibitor.
Then I can clean them at my leisure without any concern about grunge and powder residue holding moisture against the metal.
"Look Ma No Rust!"
Anyway...that is what I do. It works for me.
Ideally, since my wife is extremely "solvent sensitive" I clean outdoors if possible.
Cleaning anything is something I hate, but it has to be done.

I clean my firearms after I get back from the range. Some of my rifles get cleaned after 20rds. Oil is added as needed.
Clean everything after a range session

Carry piece gets field stripped and wiped down with Breakfree every week or 2, plus an external wipe down with a Breakfree soaked old sock after every carry session.
I clean em after I shoot. Most times I kinda enjoy it, unless it's after a weekend of camping and I am worn out.
I clean them after every shoot, but I don't like doing it.
After shooting, I clean the carry gun at the range...other than that I clean, inspect, and lube it once a week. The rest get cleaned when I get home from wherever they been used...
I always try to clean my guns when I get home from the range, though sometimes I'll wait until the next morning while the wife's at work. My carry gun gets at least a wipe down and inspection each week, if not an actual cleaning - whether it's been fired or not.

My long guns don't get shot much anymore - only one I've shot in the last 5 years is my 10/22. I try to clean those at least every six months or so.

Do I enjoy cleaning them? Sometimes but not always. I do like knowing my guns are clean and freshly lubed should I really need them - peace of mind goes a long way.
Cleaning is part of shooting. If you don't have time to don't have time to shoot. + my weapons are too valuable to me not to clean.-------
I clean my guns because I have to and I'll do a good job of it, but I'm not like my brother, who goes into happy obsessive-compulsive Zen mode cleaning his, and then volunteers to clean everybody else's. :lol: Cleaning solvents bother my nose.

My carry guns get regular inspections, lubing, etc. I've seen other people's carry guns look like my tarantulas made nests in them, and were almost "glued" to the insides of their holsters. :dead:
I clean after everytime I shoot, usually the same day. That said, I absolutely despise cleaning. To me it is such a nusaince with the little patches and the little nooks and crap that I need to clean. When I clean the gun is going to look showroom new, no half assing it. Probably why it seems to take forever and as I said, I don't like it one bit.
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