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To holster or not to holster...for pocket carry

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I know several of you have mentioned owning a SW642 or similar sized weapon for pocket carry. How may of you use a holster? Besides shielding the trigger and helping to hide any printing, is there any good reason to add the extra bulk and weight to the pocket?
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when i pocket carry it depends but for my colt cobra no with pockets on pants i wear you cant tell i ahve it
I use a holster. By all means use one. For one thing, imagine someone falling and tripping on you with say an inkpen in their hand...

But seriously, I find it keeps the crap out of my gun. Revolvers, I love them, but they have weaknesses and one of them is they don't like being full of lint. I still have to clean and inspect it the old fashioned way of course, but maintenance is much less frequent.

The main benefit though is that it fills the pocket and it keeps the gun oriented in the same direction every time. It also "fluffs" the pocket out so that you don't have to fight the pocket's tension to reach the gun. You can develop a very fast natural draw, especially if you are used to reaching for say a knife in that pocket.

I also find that if we're talking about a snubby revolver, you are potentially going to wind up using this as an "assholes and elbows" contact weapon. For that reason a consistant draw position is essential. I'm not saying you should do anything stupid or that this is necessarily a good idea, but a common martial arts escape from a rear hold that most people probably know would put one in a position to possibly draw this gun and shoot one's attacker in the hip.
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Do you find it too bulky or heavy?
Not at all. Now I will make the distinction I carry nothing else in that pocket but the gun and holster. I carry a 642 in a Mika's pocket holster.
Hello. I tried carrying the 642 w/o a pocket holster for a while. After a few weeks I began to find that the end of the barrel managed to wear a hole in several of my pockets. Also, as has been mentioned, the holster does help keep lint and other debris out of the gun. Pocket carry was surprising to me in how much crud tries to get into and on to the gun.

As Euclidean stated, a pocket holster keeps the gun oriented in the same way and prevents you having to fish around to get a grip on it.

The weight? One of our leather snub pocket defender holsters weigh about 3-4 ounces.
Nice looking holsters. I believe I have that holster bookmarked on my computer at home. Will it interfere with CT grips?
I "pocket carry" just in the pocket

Be aware of a few things though.

Depending on the firearm ~ it's TOUGH on the pocket material.
A Walther PPK/S will eat up one of my pants pockets in a hurry.

Dress pants pockets can wear right through or even split a pocket seam. Jeans are OK as the pockets are heavier weight & usually "double stitched" material.

The nasty lint problem can be somewhat taken care of by turning the pocket inside out and quickly rolling it with a lint roller before you "pocket" your firearm.

The #1 WARNING: ~ You should NEVER put any other object in the same pocket. The gun pocket must always stay empty except for your firearm.

When in a possible potentially dangerous situation then put your hand IN your pocket & grip the firearm with the index finger outside & alongside the trigger guard..
It's best to have it "at the ready" to pull right out.

Keep Your Finger FOREVER OUT of the trigger guard & off the trigger.

Good quality leather coats with leather pockets also work great.

I don't think there are any safety issues with putting a "pocket pistol" or "pocket revolver" directly into a pocket. People have been doing it for a mighty long time before pocket holsters ever became popular.
Make your own determination on that though.

If you have kids or are constantly around small children who might "dig into" or "roam around" in your pockets then I would invest in a pocket holster.

Just my decide.
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Boy, I'd like to be able to add something intelligent to the discussion, but Euclidean and QKShooter pretty much summed it all up. Good posts!
I agree with the previous carry your weapon in a pocket holster. Some holsters add very little bulk to the weapon. One example are the kydex pocket holsters made by David Stillwell at Grandfather Oak. He makes two versions, the Pocket Companion (PC) (for small guns such as the Kel Tec P3AT) and the Pocket Companion XL (PC-XL) (for larger guns like the Kahr PM9).

The PC-XL he made for my PM9 uses a very thin sheet of Kydex so it, again, adds very little to the overall bulk as shown here:

Here's photo of my P3AT in a PC and PM9 in a PC-XL holsters:
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Biggest plus of a pocket holster - in particular for a revo - is masking of outline/profile. Second to that is lint protection tho even so as has been said - lint is magnetically attracted to a piece!

Furthermore IMO it help maintain a suitable position, such that draw can be made easier. Pop a revo or any small gun in pocket without holster and it tends to want to ''migrate'' - next thing ya know, the butt ain't up for grabs after all! :wink:

On balance - for consistent pocket carry - use a well made rig - it helps greatly.
Shotgun Willie,

I can modify/cut around the CT grips. I have provided the same pocket holster to other folks who have the CT grips, without mods, and they have not expressed any interference/hinderance.
What everyone else said :D Lots of great and accurate information on this one. With a proper holster you want very little retention, just enough to keep the gun upright and barely hang onto the gun when drawn/presented. Just another point of view..........Shoot well.

Maybe it's not too late to teach an old dog new tricks.
I think maybe I'll try a pocket holster.

You guys would LOVE my one winter coat. It's made from super nice black "Sanded Shark" skin & it has a built in holster pocket for a Commander. It's a REALLY nice coat.
I had it custom made for me back when I had more money than brains.
Now...I have slightly more brains than money but, not too much money! :biggrin:
My personal reccommendation for a pocket holster if you can order from him. I've had correspondence with Mr. Mika before and he's a veteran beat cop who's able to tell you what works on the street and what doesn't.

Each holster is custom made for your specific gun to your specifications.
Gary Brommeland said:
Euclidean and QKShooter pretty much summed it all up. Good posts!

A revolver's cylinder will hang up on the pocket's seam unless a quality pocket holster is used that stays put. The small autos will try to shift their grips to the least accessible position without some sort of pocket holster. I use an Uncle Mike's $10 #1 pocket holster for the P3-AT. I added a sleeve for an extra mag under the grip back of the trigger guard. It makes printing a non issue.
Longer tail shirt, Fobus, SW Model 37....pockets for other stuff just my opinion. This is my everyday carry.
No pocket holster for me. My pocket guns go in a coat pocket, and that's rare. It may move around, but not much. Draw ange stays about the same. Lint isnt an issue either. Both pocket pistols have DA triggers.

Now, if I could carry a gun in a jeans pocket, it would be in a holster, mainly for the reasons Chris mentioned, draw angle and lint...

Although I cant carry in my pants pocket (I'm too skinny - pockets are too small), I do have holsters for them. I dont know where they are, but I have them somewhere.
Put me down for a "always use a holster" vote.
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