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Torn. 19 or 26.

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Yeah, here's something new. Did some liquidating. Had a bunch that I never shot. Time to use the head (instead of the credit card) and buy one more. Am down to a pair of 1911s (Kimber and Colt) and a Glock 32 Gen 4. SIGless. I just plain old shoot Glocks better than SIGs, and 1911s better than anything.

But I also have no 9mm. That must change. Have had 19s, M&Ps, SIGs, and Berettas. While I did my best to hate Glocks for many, many years, I have to bow my head and admit that the gun I swore to loathe just happens to be the gun that I shoot the best (barring 1911s). I also need something that the wife can handle. Yeah, I know she could handle anything if she decided to, but she would have little interest in working to master the snap of a 357 SIG, or the heavy push of a 45.

So it'll be a Glock 9mm. The 17 is plenty big. Have owned a 22 and a 31. At my size, those guns are no problem to hide and pack. But she is only 5'5, a good foot shorter than me. This will be a carry gun, not a race gun. So it'll be a 19 or a 26.

I have never shot a gun that I could shoot faster doubles (with accuracy) than a Glock 19. You all know the specs. Plus, I am already holstered up for a 19, since TT Gunleather and Milt Sparks have me set up for a 32. In my opinion, the 19 is just about one of the best carry guns a guy could want. Not too big, but not too small, 15+1, easy to install real sights (Trijicon HDs), the real McCoy.

But I've kinda always wanted a 26. 10+1 is nothing to sneeze at (don't tell Biden I said that), and it has to be even easier to hide and pack than a 19. Here is the big question: is a 26 as easy to shoot as the full gripped 19? I find it unlikely, but sure could be wrong. Had an M&P 9c, and had to concentrate to lay 'em in there. I dunno. Maybe the 26 is as easy to shoot as the 19. For those of you that had the patience to actually read all this crap let me know what you think.
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Both lol. That's what I did!

You'll love em both!
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Multi, I just purchased a FNS9 that is similar sized to the Glock 19. It also is a striker fired pistol like the G19. The trigger is very similar. But it does have some nice features that you don't get with the G19. It has nite sights (good ones), beveled magwell, SS guide rod, two backstraps, three magazines (17rd.) and ambi controls, including a thumb safety. I really like mine it is a soft shooter and a natural pointer. I won't ever say anything bad about a G19 it is a stellar hand gun and I have one that I love. But FN has done a nice job on this gun you should consider it. Pics below.

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I find the 19 easier to draw simply because it has more grip area. I'm more accurate with it too mainly because of sight distance more than the grip. The hanging pinkie on the 26 is barely a factor. But the 26 is no slacker. It's amazing for its size. It's very accurate and comfortable to shoot. I default to the 19 because I like more rounds on tap and I shoot it better but I can easily switch to my 26 on lighter dressed days and have the same amount of confidence. But both. They're both awesome!
I'm glad you brought this up. With summer and warm weather here, I have been transitioning back to my Glocks for carry. The reason is simple, they don't rust, don't cost an arm and leg, reliable as hell, light to carry under lighter clothing.

Now, while I prefer the Colt, for EDC in hot humid weather, the Glock is easier to live with.

To your question; as you know, I have had great love for the G19 and 26 platform. I have posted pictures of targets no bigger than a sheet of notebook paper properly ventilated at 50 yards with a G26.

I have satisfied myself that it is extremely accurate enough for any distance you can reasonably shoot it, and recently posted a thread showing my wife's 1 handed shooting at speed with the G26.

I am satisfied, and thoroughly convinced that the 9mm is a capable round with a good conventional bullet design from 124-147 grains with a tough bullet jacket ranging from velocities of 1000 to 1200 fps. I have put 150 pound deer on the ground enough times to know it will work.

My issue is my wife has claimed the G26. That leaves me with my Gen 2 G19.
Now, I love the 19. And it's all I really ever need.

But that G26 is just so damn easy to conceal under a T shirt. It's hard to think that the slightly shorter grip makes so much difference.
I am actually thinking of getting another to replace the one my wife took.

So, I know I'm rambling on, but I said all of that to say, I believe the G26 is probably the finest match of size, caliber, and durability, plus, accuracy far beyond its size suggests that there is on the market today, bar none.

I also prefer to carry it with the flush fitting mags and carry a g19 mag as a spare if I feel the need for one.

My vote; hands down the G26 for you.
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I'd put them both in my hands, and I'd have to shoot the 26 to make sure it was as easy/comfortable to shoot as the 19. If so and you think the 26 would better suit your needs, I'd go with the 26.

I have come to the conclusion that I just don't like gripping + shooting guns with any of my fingers off the grip, so the 26 (and my M+P 40c) are not good choices for myself. But I've read enough people saying that they do just as well, even better with the smaller 26 or 27 than the bigger 19 or 23.

To each their own. Just like we always say, put em both in your hands, shoot em both to compare if you can.
i have both, if this is for your wife, let her shoot both and decide. i think the 19 is a better defensive weapon and not hard to conceal
I've owned a G26 since 1995 and have to admit that I shoot the G26 as well and as accurately as I do either a G17 or G19. The versatility of the G26 makes it one
of my most often carried guns. You can always make your G26 bigger by adding a G17 or G19 mag, but you can't make the G17 or G19 smaller.

...gotta go with Gman on this one: Glock 26

I carry my G26 with or without the factory 12 round mag with finger extensions. I had a lot of experience shooting the G26 long before they came out with the extended mags, so its no issue for me.

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I would go with the 26., just my opinion..
I've had all three of that series (still have the 17). I'd be more inclined to go with the 19 over the 26 although the 26 is a great smaller 9mm, especially with the Pearce extension on the mags.
I wish I could help you but I am in the same boat as you are. I am leaning towards the 26 because I will be able to conceal it easier not matter what I was wearing that day but I think the 19 would be easier to shoot accurately.
I've had both and liked both! If I had to choose only one it would be the Glock 19. It does most everything very well and is not much more difficult to conceal IMHO. BTW, I am a Glock guy who also happens to be a Glock armorer.
It's a tough choice, but for summer hiding, probably the '26'...I have both (19 & 26).
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I also have both, and as stated, you can make the 26 bigger but you cannot make the 19 smaller.
I loved my 19 and swore it was my be all, end all EDC. Then I got a 26...
I loved my 19 and swore it was my be all, end all EDC. Then I got a 26...
There you go again! Lol
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it's no choice at all go with a 23, buy a couple extra 9mm magazines and a 9mm conversion barrel extra 200 and have two guns in one... Tool Everyday carry
the blue base plate make it easy for my to identify which mags are 9mm at the range, I also bought a .357 barrell and the base plates are orange for that... takes 30 seconds to convert and which ever ammo is availble you can go head to the range..
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get the does everything the 19 does, just in a smaller package...unless you can afford to get both :) I am saving pennies for a G27 to add to my 22
I am retired LEO & been armed with e/thing. Like yourself, I disliked those Glocks when they first came out. I worked as a Deputy, Trooper & Fed. They issued me Glocks & all had their specs for off-duty carry as well.
Over time, I realized the Glocks had the fewest parts, were mega-reliable, accurate, lighter, 5.5 lb trigger, etc. Love 'em. I was issued the 22, 23, 31, 32, and 21.
Never got used to the 21's grip; my hands are XXL (very 'thick') and just fill up fast, so I need a smaller grip.
The 17 & 19 are probably the two highest rated sidearms in existence, period.
I consolidated calibers about 6 years ago and had to choose between 9 & 45. I went with the 45acp and can save on ammo cost by buying by the case.

I am VERY particular about concealment, so Glocks are out for me being the G-21 just doesn't fit my paws. My 1911 Defender is my favorite, aka thin & light.
After 34 years in LE in the Detroit area, I have always felt safe with a 5 round snubbie. I've been in some real bad situations, but never once needed a 3rd shot, so a 10 +1 semi is excellent to my way of thinking (you could always carry an extra mag if you think you may be in a questionable situation).

I have several sidearms that will take a 10 round mag. If I liked the 26 a bit better, I'd go for it & still feel over-armed.
However, when I had 9mms, I used high performance ammo with some high-tech bullets.
You can get as much as 507 ft-lbs of energy from a 9mm + a bullet config that will insure ALL that energy is transferred (up to 20 feet), which is about the max for a self-defense shot.... and a jury.

For a range gun, I'd pick the G-19 or 17.
For carry or home defense, I'd pick the 26. For home defense, I need something I can answer the door with, but be able to stuff it in my back pocket without the 'visitor being the wiser.

IMHO, the only functional issue is barrel length, but with 10 rounds of VERY good ammo, it becomes a negligible detail.
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