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Here is my take on retention. Retention is a training issue and not a equipment issue. What makes a gun concealed? Being covered with something right? So when you are standing upright the gun is covered. If you get pushed backwards up against a wall or on the ground your concealment garment is likely get pulled up or flap back exposing your gun.

Everyone thinks they are the good guy, even the bad guy. He sees or feels your gun and the fight is on. Both of you are focused on your gun. You are conflicted if you are trying to get it out or retain it, and he is conflicted if he is trying to get it or keep you from using it.

I can count on one hand the number of times that I was in a position where someone tried to get my gun or I felt they were positioning too. Every time it was from behind while I had my hands busy dealing with someone else. This is scary because you are conflicted between dealing with the initial threat and the gun grab.

On several occasions I have been cross contaminated with pepper spray to the point where I was blind. The first thing that goes through your mind is that you have to defend your gun by touch.

When you think about weapon retention don't dumb it down by picturing a lone person walking up behind you trying to snatch your gun. It is not very likely to be the main subject of the confrontation but something that happens during the confrontation.

We have also experienced lots of dropped Blue Guns and airsoft during training. Usually as part of a messed up draw. It is a deadly force scenario, that is why you pulled your gun out right? Now the gun is on the deck at your feet, what do you do? Do you have another gun/knife? Do you have any open hand skills? Do you bend over to pick it up? What if it goes off as you attempt to acquire a master grip from a flat surface? - George
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