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I bought the M&P two years ago and it has been my main carry gun. But..... I already have an XD 45 Compact and an XDS, plus two Springfield 1911's. I guess you could say I'm a Springfield fan. There are a few reasons why I made the trade:

1. The Springfield is a bit lighter, slightly shorter in barrel length, and slightly shorter in height.

2. The M&P mags only hold eight rounds, while the XD(M) mags hold nine (my old XD Compact holds 10).

3. The XD(M)M comes with a 13-round spare mag with grip extension. The M&P doesn't.

4. When topping off the M&P (loading 8+1), you have to really slam the mag home to get it to seat. I've never had this problem on an XD.

5. I ordered the M&P with the optional thumb safety. I thought I wanted it because I'm traditionally a "1911 guy." But I've found that a) I don't like the M&P's thumb safety because it feels vague, and b) I think I like the XD(M)'s grip safety better, because if the pistol is in my hand, it's ready to fire, as opposed to remembering to click it off on the M&P.

Don't get me wrong, the M&P is a fine pistol. Mine ran flawlessly with the modest number of rounds I put across it, maybe 400-500. But I feel like I'm more "back home" with the Springfield.
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