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Traded out of the .40 game....for now

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Just thought I'd share my latest transaction:

Recently, I decided to go ahead and make a trade I've been considering for quite a while. I traded my XD40 service for an XD45 Tactical. Seems the guy wanted something smaller to carry, and I wanted something larger for HD. Either way, as I'd hoped, we both seem happy with the deal. Now, don't get me wrong, I still like the .40 cal cartridge. But, with the XD I went from 12 rounds of 40 to 13 rounds this point, I can't argue with that logic. The best part of it all was that the deal also included ammo on both ends. Saving us both from a search.
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I also traded off a .40S&W which left me without a .40 caliber handgun. I wanted the gun the man was offering to trade and had not shot the .40 in years. It was more or less a loaner during training sessions or to let friends try just to see if they wanted one.

Now my problem has shifted some what. I am left with several thousand rounds of .40 cal ammo. So I am back in the market for a decent .40 that will not be shot either as it lays in a safe some place in the house.
Actually sounds like a good trade. At one point I was blessed had both an XD40 and an XD45, and thought highly of both. In shooting them side by side I did see that the XD45 edged out the .40cal in accuracy and it .45's recoil was more of a push than a snap. I utilized either a 230 grain Golden Saber or SXT as my carry load and both printed well. Oddly, I noticed that the 45 printed about a click to the left, whereas the 40 did not. Both were new guns when I purchased them so the sights were factory set. Once adjusted they will be spot on for a 230 grain load. Congrats on a fine trade!
Here she is, after a thorough cleaning....
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The XD40 and the XD45 are both outstanding pistols... Congrats to both of you on a good trade! It's nice when everyone wins :)
I'm ready to get into the .45 game (XD-S) But the .40 won't be going anywhere.
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