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Train Together--fight Together

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We are both retired military,in our early 50's. We both have a good working knowledge of firearms mechanics and,ballistics. We are both as mentally prepared as we feel that we can get for a lethal confrontation(in it's civilian form). We almost exclusively,hunt together,fish together,go to gun shows together. Our wives are best friends and we go to shows together(all four of us),and go out to eat together. 90% of the things that we do,we do together. We both have a CCW license in the state of Fla. We both have chosen to carry Kimbers in .45ACP. His a 5" double stack(UGH!) mine a 3" single stack. We both have chosen to carry the same type of ammo. Needless to say we both feel the same way about the 2nd amendment and CCW. So one day I'm thinkin' --- Why not train together?? We have been doing this for about a year now. We both belong to the same gun club/range so we train together out there. Now that we have the basics ironed out we usually make a training day together at least once a week. More if it's rainy and we can't go hunting. We have thought out and talked about different sanerios. We have decided how we will confront the bad guy(guys).How we will position our wives in between us in case things get ugly.(Our wives don't carry.) Which target we will engage, when and how far we will let a situation go before we take an approiate ammount of action.We have made plans as to what we will do if we are(get) separated or injured. Basically the wives will always be protected first and formost. I will die for his wife and he for mine. Ugly---- but you just gotta talk and think about this and try to get as "prepped" as possible. I am fully aware that we cannot train for every situation but we have put allot of thought into this and hopefully the situation,as bad as it may(will) become will come out in our favor. I was just wondering if any other people train in this manner and we could share ideas and info.
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This is exactly what the "Team Tactics Course" that Thunder Ranch puts on does. It teaches you to operate as a team, whether it be family or your partner. This is an excellent class and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to train together with a friend.
I have a few friends moving in this area who are actvely trying to form a basic group. This is a part of it, when we can finally get around to it!
Rambo's we aint--- BUT---we train hard. We wear old beat up clothes on our training days and we plan to get dirty.We're at the range real early so we can put up our "bad guys" at various angles and ranges.Our longest range is 15yds. realizing that if we are forced to shoot that far we will probably go to jail. Most of our training is done at 7yds. and under. We can hit 3,6" pie plates that are 5 feet apart in under 3 secs.(most of the time just over 2 seconds).We use a club timer religiously to "fight" against. When we first started out it was hard for us to put these same 3 shots on a 9X10 piece of printer paper. We have gotten pretty good at the double taps. Both of us can put 2 shots on 3 different pieces of 9X10 computer paper that are 5 ft. apart in just over 3 seconds. IPPSC this aint, but we are still gettin' better. Seems that the hard part is to remember who's gonna shoot who. We also try to change the way we train relizeing that when you got it all figured as to what your gonna do when the bad guys come,the bad guys will up and do it diffrently. We try to stay flexable. We try to keep our mind"right". We also train how to defuse a situation and move away from the danger. We feel that this is very important. I keep very careful and complete records of times,dates,and the training that we performed. This for us and unfortunately for the lawyers if need be. We feel more secure in our daily travels but we aren't and will never be cocky. Just comfortable. Train hard,fight easy.
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Just hope you are not shooting standing still..or standing in the open...or not communicating....or.....:(you may not be smiling if your skills are ever needed.
My training partners aren't around me when I'm likely to need to use my skills but if I could count on them being there, the two team skills I'd want to incorporate are:
1) contact-and-cover: that is when someone approaches who might become threatening (but isn't threatening yet) one of us moves to interdict the potential threat while the other stays back and moves to a covering position.
2) the other skill would be to put one shooter in an interdicting position while the other "herds" the non-shooters out of harms way. I can fight MUCH better when I know that my loved ones are being taken care of.
I have a friend who I do this with. We also coordinate what we are carrying so our stuff is interchangable. We work in the same office area, teach pistol classes together and shoot together.

BTW did you know a Sig P220 mag will work in a 1911? At least they do in my SA 1911. You gotta wonder how I know that, don't you? :biggrin:

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