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Transportation of Class III Weapons

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For those that are interested in traveling with their Class Three Weapons, I have a little insight.

I always was told that you had to get approval from BATFE to take a Class III to another sight. NOT SO, it appears.

Here is a letter from a friend that works there.........

"Attached is a news letter sent out to the FFL and it specifically addresses the question of NFA weapons and the requirement to get written permission to transport them.

Look at page five towards the bottom I highlighted it in yellow for you guys. If you have any other NFA weapon it is required."

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Hope this clarifies did for me.
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In My area to get your class three you have to set up a trust with a lawyer because the county sheriffs wont sign off on something or another. The manager at the very large LGS here took 10 minutes to explain it to me after I asked about a suppressor. Mind you florida is one of the least restrictive states when it comes to firearms. Just thought that was interesting.
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