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Travel Time again!

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This time I will be traveling to Orange Beach, Alabama. I will be traveling through Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama (and about 15 minutes through Memphis). I will be passing through AR, TN, and MS. I'll only be stopping for gas and food in these states. Carry is allowed in restaurants that serve alcohol, so long as they places like Applebee's (ie: no straight-up bars). If I'm pulled over, I will notify whether the state requires it or not, because it makes it easier to remember. I won't be going to any federal buildings (I hope:danceban:), schools, or venues so those locations (even though off limits) are of no concern to me. With that said, any residents of those states know of any weird laws I may have missed; I checked out and the above mentioned states statutes, but you know how it goes. Any not so friendly cities, businesses (grocery stores or gas stations that are posted), don't need to spend my money in those crap-holes! I plan on stopping by Wintzell's (sp?) in Mobile for lunch/dinner, any other local favorites anyone can recommend? Thanks in advance for the heads-up.
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Orange Beach

Orange Beach is one of our favorite beach destinations. If you are going to be there for a while be sure to try Cosmos for some great food and there is a restaurant on the beach (I think the name is Sea & Suds) that is set off in the water and has a great sunset view. The only restrictions for carrying there was that if the beach is actually a State park you cannot carry there. If the beach is only a public beach or the beach at a hotel you are allowed to carry there. Orange Beach is a great place, have fun. For more places to eat ask the locals. These are some dives, that I have heard are pretty good.
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