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Traveling with Someone (vanity)

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I have to make a short notice business trip this week with a co-worker. All the states we will travel through have reciprocity with my home state so that is not an issue. However, I do not especially want this person to know that I carry. Any ideas? Once we are at our destination I cannot carry as the business will be on a military installation. What do I do with the weapon? The car will be searched on arrival as it is a rentall and not registered with the military. Any ideas there?

I hate to travel 500 miles naked but that might be the only option. All ideas are appreciated.
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I just took a gun home. I had to walk 5 blocks to get it in my vehicle so I could take it home.

I dressed up like I was going to work, teacher name badge and all, and carried it in a 10x13 manilla envelope and waved hello to a police officer.

Act like you belong there, which you and your gun do, and the rest will fall into place.

That being said (TM), I personally have a microvault made my ADG sports safes that does not look like a pistol safe but it is. I carry it with me on all trips. I normally set it beside me inside a small bag. I can still get the gun out in less than a second and a half.
Relax, and enjoy the trip

First off, I'd not make a big deal of it, nor would I be compelled to mention it to my co-traveler. Consider it part of your regular luggage. If it is discovered, you are protected by law, and it is your right to carry. The trip obviously requires one or more night , so call ahead of time to the hotel to see if they have a safe for customer storage of valuables. Leave the waapon in safe deposit until the business is completed. If they have no such provisions, and there are no other choices available, it might be prudent to go naked. Don't even consider getting it on the grounds of a military base. Also, if the area you are visiting is of a high security nature, the mere past-presence of a firearm will be picked up by detectors. I'd suggest a completely different carry container than say, your briefcase. Enjoy your trip.
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Thanks one and all. I do carry 2oz of Fox OC when I am in locations firearms are banned, such as establishments that sell adult beverages. I will more than likely leave the gun at home and rely on the Fox. That and being very much in a condition orange should suffice. I am afraid I will end up checking out of the motel (they do have a safe) and going to the military installation on the way back home. Not much I can do about the gun then. Too bad you can't just check them at the gate.
Geezer beat me to it.

Grab a small locking container of some type and leave it in the hotel.
Alternatively, you might call ahead to find out if a bank nearby the hotel has a safety deposit box you could rent for a few days. Around here the bank only charges something like 25-30$ for a year. (the last time I checked anyway)
Rent it for the minimum amount of time, and make an excuse to disappear for an hour or or so when you first get there. If all else fails wrap it up in what looks like your dirty underwear and lock it in your suitcase. I doubt anyone would bother it.

There might be a gun/pawn shop in that area where you could arrange to store the weapon for a while.

Last but not least ask around, there might be a member of this site you trust who could hold onto if for you for a while.

Hopefully one of these will work out for you.
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Having spent 21 years in the military, I wouldn't go near the gate of that installation with a weapon other than a small pocket knife and i think I'd leave that home. Anything remotely resembling a weapon suitable for self defense will be trouble. They might not find it, or even look, other than a quick check of the vehicle, but if they do?????? Hotels? I don't think I'd risk it...the law is the law. Break it and you become the BG.
You might want to call ahead to the base and see if they have facilities for storing your weapon.

I did that several times while I was TDY to an installation, I had to inform the Gate Guard that I had a weapon (at that time it was unloaded and cased in the trunk, usually did it just before I got into the base) and then proceeded directly to the base armory, filled out some paperwork and left it there while I was at the base.

On my way out I would stop at the armory, pick it up and then proceed directly off base. I was active duty military and this was before 9/11 so things may be different, but it might be worth a phone call to find out.
I'd be carrying it during the trip. On the road is one place where you'd probably need it. Especially in rest stops. For your business on base, I'd leave it in the safety box at the hotel. (the better ones seem to have these, usually behind the front desk). Then swing by the hotel to "check out" on your way home. If staying for another night to get an "early start" the following day then so much the better.
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