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Tribute to a fallen officer

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Last week a Colorado Springs police officer was killed in the line of duty. It has been some 20+ years since a officer in the Springs has been killed.

Yesterday the city pay tribute to him. The funeral precession traveled some 10 miles from a church at the North end of the city to the police operations center South of down town. Over 1200 vehicles took part. To give you an idea of how long it was, by the time the lead vehicle arrived at the ops center. It was some 30 min before the last vehicle left the church.

All along the route citizens payed their respect to the fallen officer. Given how people view the police as more of an advisory, than the good guys. I was awestruck by the turn out of support. It is times like this I think there may still be hope for humanity.

I should also point out officers came from not only all over the state of CO but, other states as well.
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It makes you proud to know good people are still out there
well it goes to show you that even if people have a healthy discussion about topics they understand the bigger picture.
LOTS of good people still in the world & there still is hope for humanity.

It's just that Good News, Good People & Good Deeds hardly ever make the news.

My respects to this officer and to all that form The Thin Blue Line that separates Order From Chaos.
Our Amazing Police, Firefighters & Paramedics are THE Heroes here on the home front. :usflag:
It's nice to see that folks will still pay respects..........
I agree, we do that here as well. There is a massive turn out for fallen LEO's ITLOD.

There are litterally 100's of other LEO's escourting from all over involved in the bragade, it is an impressive site and well diserved but never having to see it would fine with me.

but never having to see it would fine with me.
Big 10:4 to that Ti. I recall the Las Vegas cop funeral was similarly attended and honored.

I am mindful daily of the fact that LE people are all but in the line of fire daily and do not envy them one bit. Quite how they cope in hotbeds like L.A. for example I am not sure.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the guy's family and close friends - as ever it is they who bear the loss most.
Condolences to the family and friends.

"It is not how these officers died that made them is how they lived."

Rest in peace.
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