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I'll go with sarhog and RR - when I do my practice and like you QK this is on SIG, whether carry 226 or 220 - all same.

The small moment needed for insertion of trigger finger is minute and should only be at end of presentation stage. By then it will be because pretty certainly, there is a need to fire. That means I will pull thru the entire DA pull, with probably little or no preload.

That said I could see the occasion when as we begin to take up a DA pull we have one more milli second or two during which we can back off - should this be a case for no shoot due to BG dropping gun perhaps.

I think premature trigger finger placement is a bad habit - it will be tempting to ''take up the slack'' but under extreme stress could I think lead to a premature release. I have had folks watch me in IDPA during my draw, up to and including first shot - it would seem to be about ''sarhog'' in nature. :smile:

If I start in retention then finger out straight - this is a prepared position but one from which action is still fast if needed.

This is tho just my dime/5 !
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