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QKShooter said:
I noticed today while killing some time and dry firing my 220 that I have developed a habit of taking the slack out of that first DA pull during the course of drawing from concealment.
I was trained to draw from a holster in 5 steps:

1. Strong hand attains firing grip, weak hand on abdomen.

2. Strong hand pulls gun straight up, toward armpit (trigger finger still straight at this point).

3. "Rock" gun to point muzzle forward, pivoting the firing side thumb on your ribcage) (retention position, you can fire from here if needed, if you are not going to fire from this position, trigger finger is still straight.)

4. begin extending firing hand out in front of you, meeting weak hand near you pectoral muscle.

(As you transition from step 4 to step five, you place your finger on the trigger and begin tacking up slack, and attaining a sight picture).

5. both arms extended, finger on trigger with slack taken up, ready to fire.

It's easier to demonstrate it than to try and type it out.
With practice, it's all one fluid, quick motion.

Good luck. :smile:
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