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So I increased my ninja-ness by mounting a Tripower optic to my colt AR.
Thought ya'll might like a range report.

I mounted it to the flattop as far forward as possible, and the top of the chevron reticle (inverted "V") is flush with the front sight post. this will need to be reset once i get the surefire foreend grips on there, and i'll probably wind up getting flipup front and rear sights as well, but anyways, for the purposes of this report.....

I did an informal testing of it at a range without paper targets, and it hit pretty good on bowling pins, soda cans, etc out to 50 yards. was too slippery to venture out too far to set up other targets.
But on Sunday I ran a couple hundred rounds through on paper. Turned out to be dead on for windage and elevation at 25 yards. Shooting from a rested position I got a nice three shot group of about 1/4 inch.
At 50 yards it was hitting about 2 inches high, still grouping about .5 inch to 1 inch, so I went to 100 yards. got a five shot group, 4 in 1 1/4 inches and one flyer. That was hitting about 6 inches high of POA, so I dialed it down a couple clicks (3 to be exact) and the POI came down to 3 inches high at 100 yards.
My math is bad, but I imagine that at 50 yards, its almost dead on now, and at 25 it might be an inch low. I didnt get a chance to reshoot at the 50 and 25 yards as I ran out of ammo.

Anyways, the chevron reticle during daylight doesnt need to run on the battery, the fiberoptic coil provides more than enough juice to see the red reticle. in fact, turning it on kind of is counter productive, at least for my eyes, since its brightness controls are a little bit lacking. When the reticle is too bright, adjusting it down one button push makes it too dim, and depending on how tired your eyes may be, there sometimes is a double image with the power turned on.

I had the option of purchasing an Eotech 512, and while the eotech had its good points, i simply liked the reticle of the Tripower better. Specifically, the Eotech does have better brightness controls. And it has less parallax.
However, it has the one power source: batteries.
The tripower can be powered by batteries, ambient light via fiberoptic coil, a cyalume light stick, and it does have a tritium lamp, but i wouldnt count that as its only useful in such low light situations that its difficult (at least for my eyes) to pick out the reticle.

I finished my testing of my Tripower on a M16 target at 100 yards. Once my final adjustments were made to the elevation, putting the tip of the reticle on the "X" that is COM on the m16 target generated hits on the sternum. Raising the reticle to where the jaw would be generated hits square on the nose/ocular cavities.
Rapid fire at such distance still generated good hits, good enough for government work.

To wrap this up, I am pleased with my choice of the Tripower. at some point, I might get the Eotech, simply because where the reticle is, is where your rounds will be hitting. But that won't be for quite some time as the Tripower set me back a good amount of moolah.
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