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Tritium night sights

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Does anyone have experience with sights from IWI, ptnightsights,mmcsights ? They are all the same company from what was said to me on the phone today. They are one of the few places that make what seem to be a good quality night sight for Para's. I'm thinking of sending for a set but would like some info if anyone has anything to add about them. I'm thinking I like the small line under the dot style they offer.
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I have tritium sights on my P-229 Sig .40 SW. Truth be told, I like those hi-viz, red and green fiber optic sights better.

If it's so dark that tritium is the only thing that works, then you shouldn't be firing blindly anyway. If you are in dim light, or in light from a SureFire, then the hi-viz sights will light up.

I like the idea of red and green. You put the red ball between the two green balls and level them on the perp's solar-plexus.

Even our revolver brother could hit that!
Yep I have fiber optics on my shotgun and they are good if there is any light at all. I also have one .020" tritium and 2 .030" fiber optics on my bow. I've logged a LOT of hours watching sights from total darkness where the tritiums are king till the fibers light up brighter than the tritium sights about sun up and I've replaced a lot of fiber optics that have cracked and don't light up good anymore. I sort of feel if the surefire is still on when I'm ready to shoot I'm too big a target. I leave work anywhere from midnight till 3:30 a.m. in a bad neighborhood where there are shootings and stabbings on a regular basis now. I'm sure I want tritiums. I just don't know about this particular company's sights. They have a lot of LEO users listed though so I'm thinking they are pretty reliable. BTW if I could find a fiber surrounding a tritium that would fit the dovetails on my firearm I'd buy them in a heartbeat!
Willy, I think I have found, at least for me, the best sights around for defensive purposes. They are the Ashley Express 24/7 sights with tritium inserts. I have attached a small image of what the sight picture looks like. I really like this sight.
Willy, Novak has a drop in set for the Para. I sent them my slide and they installed them and they are wicked bright.

I think I had MMCs on one of my pistols, but that was a long time ago...

I like the XSSights Big Dots the best, and I have them on my USPc (like in acparmed's pic). They're great fast acquisition sights, and the green glow is bright. If you're looking for a great target sight, it's not the best - the giant front dot is best suited for combat shooting.
Ashley ~ Slightly Larger Photo

Thanks acparmed ~ Exceptional Sight Picture.
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I b ought a set of IWI's several years ago and when I got them in the mail, the rear sights were not "on." I got my money back and stuck with meprolight.
Thanks to all of you on your suggestions for sights. I've seen a couple sights I like but when I call and ask if they fit Para they say yes EXCEPT the LDA 6-45 and 7-45 models. I like the post and dot sights and will check again but I seem to remember they don't have one for my firearm at the present. ExSoldier762 thanks for the heads up on IWI they are off my list. With the weather warming up here I don't have lots of time to get something on the Para that I can trust to be working when I head out to the truck after work. Meprolights from Brownells is most likely what I'll wind up with.
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