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Trying to help a friend....

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my good buddy's wife called me 2 nights ago 'cause she didnt know what to get Troy for Christmas. She told me how due to some recent very violent crimes in our area, she is willing to drop coin and get Troy properly outfitted as he is now 'legal' to carry. He already has a good pistol, belt, and knife. I suggested a pair of Surefire g2 Nitrolon lights (1 for her) and a V20 carrier for it (bezel up or down). I had her call Brigade Quartermaster, and her shipment should be here today as she used their express service. I told her that with equipment comes the need for quality training. So she's setting aside some of the Christmas money she's getting for a class for Troy at Southern Exposure with Randy Cain.

How'd I do? Forget anything?

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Sounds good. Can I have my wife call you? :D
Spare ammo and carrier. BUG, or "the one to carry when the primary is taken after the lawful defense use."
Check that, amoredman!
He will be ordering a Brommeland mag pouch to match his MaxConV. He's already got a nice S&W mod 66. I have encouraged him to either shoot it more often, or purchase another xd in case his primary is in the shop or otherwise unavailable for duty.

Thanks again,

Pepper spray and an ASP baton, lots of batteries for the Surefires, lots of ammunition for the range.
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