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I have two Holsters available for the Sig P365. Sold my P365 and these need a new home.
First is a TT Gunleather KX Lightweight, Cordovan, RH, fits up to a 1.5” belt. Beautiful holster; I have the same model holster for two other pistols, a Glock 48 and a Walther PPK. I like it that much. I think the KX model is the finest IWB holster for smaller guns that there is. It has a slight forward cant and conceals the pistol exceptionally well. Holds the pistol tight to the body, and in holds it securely. It’s in like new condition; I ordered it, sure I’d like the Sig P365, and much to my chagrin, I just couldn’t get used to how small the grip is on this pistol. It’s a fine gun, but it’s just not for me. The holster sells for $115; how about $90, and I’ll cover shipping to your door.
Next is a Vedder Light Tuck, Coyote, with the claw attachment. Again, RH, up to a 1.5” belt. Adjustable for both ride height and cant. I like to use the claw for AIWB but take it off if I want to go with IWB at 3:30-4:00 o’clock. As Kydex goes, I’ve found Vedder to be the best there is. Very comfortable and very secure. Just $45 shipped, or $65 to include a Vedder Mag Pouch. Again, I’ll cover shipping to your door.
PayPal F&F preferred. Contact me for payment instructions and PayPal address.
Here’s some photos of these two Holsters, and the mag pouch.

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