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TX CHL, Good Karma and a State Senator

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Back in `1972 I made a bad judgment, and was arrested and plead guilty to a misdemeanor. Paid a fine and had 2 years probation, but after 6 mos the sentence was suspended. That event was holding up my TX CHL. The Karma part, comes from the Court from the city that I lived in at that time. They sent me a photocopy of my file that was probably stored on microfilm. I called my State Senator for my district. Complained that as a youth I made a bad judgment. paid my dues and never had another arrest of any kind. I was asking the State rep to intervene. and they did... I was called today and told to expect my CHL by this weekend :image035:
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Sanity prevails. Some states wouldn't have been so accommodating, though for a misdemeanor from 40yrs ago it's hard to see how it could have anything to do with anything.

Congrats on the new responsibilities. :eek:k:
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Did you send a copy of the disposition from your file with your application? Did you list the offense on your application?

That should have been enough to keep you from getting your CHL in the first place. There is only a 5 year period for misdemeanors as the law is written now.
? 2 year sentence for a misdemeanor?

Glad it worked out for you.
I did not retain any of the paper work from 40 years ago.... i just gave as best of an account of it I could from memory.... I have gone through security checks before.. I was a CDL truck driver that carried HAZ MAT, plus i had to get a govt check from the USCG called the "TWIC" card. because one of my customers was on Houston's Ship Channel. it never came up till my CHL application. The response from the District Court in Baltimore caught me by surprise (I really expected having to ask for an extension on my CHL Application) Like I said Good Karma and a Pro 2A State Senator.
2 Year probation, suspended after 6 months.
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The right paper work and a TX State Senator Joan Huffman.... Should receive it by this weekend:smile:
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Congrats. Glad things worked out like they should. Also glad a politician did the right thing.
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