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UMC Ammo

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Does not shoot well in my Para P18.9 LDA. I'm getting about 1 misfire per box. Looking at the cases it looks like the primers are barely being struck. Through some Winchester ammo through it, no problems.

Anyone else got UMC issues in 9mm?
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I used to shoot it all the time. Never had any problems at all and it was a little bit cleaner running than WWB.
Ive had problems with 45 ammo doing the same thing pretty much stay away from umc now
I've had better luck with Wolf. UMC, WWB, etc don't cycle the Uzi reliably.
Many years ago our PD carried and qualified with UMC 9mm in the Beretta 92FS. I fired the stuff (NOT recent vintage ammo) in my S&W 39-2 with no problem. 39-2 wouldn't feed Wolf's new ammo.

So I'd check the gun bolt for any junk collected there, firing pin and hole for any junk there. Assuming all is well, contact Remington and see if there is any known problem (could have been a batch of hard primers) and/or switch to another brand that works.

Reliability is a combination of ammo and gun getting along with each other and not every marriage is made in heaven!
Wierd - Euc finds it cleaner than WWB (tho I fancy that has gotten dirtier of late) - but I have not liked UMC much because for me - back a bit I admit - it seemed awful dirty!

It has in fairness shot OK in most guns - the .45acp was what I found most messy. 38spl goes OK and also the 9mm when I tried it.
That is weird. Then again I haven't shot any for about 4 months. Memory may be fuzzy.
Never had any problems with UMC. UMC = WWB, in my opinion.
I have had troubles with UMC and winchester in my 9mm.

Check out this thread for more info;

never had any trouble with umc. i use .45 acp, .38 spl., and 9 mm. i have had some trouble with wwb .45 lately. sometimes it won't fully chamber the first round in my springer when i trip the slide lock. umc works just fine. umc is also cleaner in all my guns. weird huh?
UMC always worked OK in my 1911's. (Don't have any 9's) But it sure was DIRTY!. Yucky yellow residue in the barrel.??? Cleaned up OK, but I just stopped using it because of that.
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