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Underwood 10mm In Stock!! (all gone)

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Hi all.. If you shoot 10mm like I do then I am sure you know of Underwood Ammo. I think they sell the best true 10mm on the market and right now they finally have some 180 grain FMJ in stock. 27.00 bucks for fifty!! 30 min ago they had 400 boxes in stock and as right now they have 299... Even these "target rounds" are 1300 fps and 650+ ME... I don't work for them but I wanted to share with you guys!!

10mm Auto 180 Grain Total Metal Jacket Box of 50

Its a very strange world we live in when 10mm is 54 cents a round, .22lr is 30-40 cents, and .40 is 80 cents+...:/ My beloved 10mm is finally paying off!!

Take it easy...
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Nice buy but it says they cannot be used in a Delta Elite, oh well.
Nice buy but it says they cannot be used in a Delta Elite, oh well.
Yeah.. There stictly meant for ramp feed barrels... Perfect for my g29 but not so much for the Delta Elite..:blink:
Thanks for the heads up. My 29 noms Underwood like candy.
No problem buddy.. Just trying to look out for everyone who needs some killer 10mm from a killer company. I feel they have the absolute best 10mm out there and they somehow charge less than a lot of other cheap stuff. Hard to believe a company is looking out for shooters these day with great pricing, service, and products... I truly have no affiliation with underwood at all... Just wanted you guys to know about it while it lasted. They are down to 38 boxes and I trying to fall asleep without going back and buying more but my glock keeps whispering...Do it..Do it... If I am awake when they run out, I will update the thread...
I'm a Underwood fan also. Bought 4 boxes of .40 and 10mm last week.
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