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Upcoming Training Course - Multi-State Permit

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The following is a training course listing for Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC

Please contact me for additional information.

Multi-State Pistol Permit Certification

Williams Associates Protective Services is one of only a handful of authorized training schools on the North East Coast to teach the required Pistol Permit certification for the State of Utah. Once obtained, the Non-Resident form of this permit will authorize the holder to carry a handgun within approximately 30 additional states including:

Alabama – Alaska – Arizona – Arkansas – Colorado – Delaware – Florida – Georgia – Idaho – Indiana – Kentucky – Louisiana – Michigan – Minnesota – Mississippi – Missouri – Montana – New Mexico – North Carolina – North Dakota – Ohio – Oklahoma – South Dakota – Tennessee – Texas – Utah – Vermont – Virginia – Washington State – Wyoming

Upcoming Class Schedule 2006


Friday 24 February 2006 – 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Saturday 25 February 2006 – 8:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday 26 February 2006 – 5:00pm – 9:00pm


The Shelton Community Center

The Bridgeport Shooting Range – Range Time Only


Special Limited Time Offer - $175.00 per person plus ammunition (Regular - $325.00 per person plus ammunition.) Pre-Registration is required.

Equipment Required:

Each participant will be required to have the following. (Some equipment will be available for rent with advanced notice and an additional fee.)

1 – Handgun, 1 – On the Waist Holster, 3 – Magazines or Speedloaders, 1 – On the Waist Magazine or Speedloader Pouch, 1 – Set Wrap Around Eye / Ear Protection, 800 Rnds Ammunition.

For Additional Information:

Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC
74 Olivia St. Box 164
Derby, CT. 06418

Tel: 203.924.1784 - [email protected]
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Michigan CCW

Please note that Michigan will honor any Resident state CCW and has reciprocity with many. However, they do not honor non-resident permits.




Michigan resident with Michigan CCW permit wishing to carry a concealed pistol in another state:

If you are a Michigan resident with a Michigan concealed pistol permit and want to carry your pistol into another state you are strongly encouraged to contact that state for information on their concealed pistol law. A Michigan CCW permit does not supersede any other state’s law or CCW requirements.

Non-residents of Michigan wishing to carry a concealed pistol in Michigan:

If you are a non-resident of Michigan with a valid concealed pistol permit from your home state, Michigan will recognize your permit. However, you must carry in conformance with any and all restrictions appearing on the permit. You are subject to Michigan’s concealed pistol law including but not limited to restrictions on where a concealed pistol may be carried. Please review the information provided on this website for further information.

For related information, please visit the Department of Attorney General web site for concealed weapons overview at,1607,7-164-17334_17362_22672---,00.html

and a Michigan resident cannot carry concealed using a permit from another state.

Here, the Legislature has created local gun boards with the exclusive authority to issue concealed pistol licenses. The
Legislature has imposed specific statutory requirements applicants must meet to obtain these licenses. In addition, whether
applicants have good reasons and are suitable persons to be licensed is within the sound discretion of a board of local
professionals who apply their knowledge of community needs and problems in evaluating applications. It is inconceivable
that the Legislature, after crafting these statutory requirements for obtaining a concealed pistol license, intended to permit
Michigan residents to avoid them by obtaining a concealed pistol license in another state that may not impose many of the
Michigan requirements. That construction of the statute would result in the absurd consequence that a Michigan resident
could avoid the legislatively imposed requirements for obtaining a concealed pistol license in Michigan by obtaining that
type of license in another state without having to meet the Michigan requirements. Thus, it must be concluded that a
Michigan resident with a concealed pistol license obtained in another state may not carry a concealed pistol in Michigan
unless the resident first obtains a concealed pistol license in Michigan by meeting the requirements for obtaining the license
imposed by Michigan law.
It is my opinion, therefore, that a Michigan resident may not carry a concealed pistol in Michigan if the resident has only
acquired a license to carry a concealed pistol from another state.
Frank J. Kelley
Attorney General

Hope this helps.

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$175 are you kidding!!!!
Here at my range in Sarasota it's $40 and that covers everything except your gun and ammo.
Includes fingerprints and photo's.
They bring in a LEO to teach the course and do the prints and pictures.
Ain't Florida great. The Gunshine State.

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To address the two last posts.

$175.00 - Yes, and in this area that is extremely inexpensive.

As for the location, The Shelton Community Center is located in Shelton, CT. and the Bridgeport Shooting Range is located in Bridgeport, CT.

Any additional questions?

Bryan S. Williams
Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC
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