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Update on My Carry Option Holster!

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Here are a few more pics as today was the first day I used this option for Carry. As you can see in the attached pics the Beltpack is nice and Snug. I have easy access to pants pockets and easy access to the gun compartment if necessary. The only draw back to this option is that the PT 111 Millennium Pro with 12+ 1 is a tad heavy but this option allows for all types of casual dress.

No strange looks at Restaurant stops, stores and other places I had to go into today! So for a CCW Option it has worked great so far. If I had the wife's PF-9 inside, there would have been no noticable weight at all.

Anyway, here are a few more pics to help you get oriented to what the Beltpack looks like in use and access to the gun compartment.

Bonnie, my wife, has really provided a great carry option for me.

It is an option available and easy on the budget. We have less than $5.00 tied up in this thing as she already had a bit of heavier material from which she made the holster. She loves to sew and I am so glad she does and so thankful for her.

Take Care folks
Stay Safe


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CC in a Post Office, huh.... that's gutsy.
I was going to say illegal unless the OP is a federal LEO.

Local LEO's can carry in a Post Office "in the performance of their duties" as by my understanding, but that's fodder for a different discussion.

It's nice having a wife that is "handy" isn't it? Mine makes homemade ketsup. :danceban:


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So long as it works for you, that’s all that matters. I have a waist pack I picked up in Italy and its very trim and hangs close to the body. I have used it for my 642 but that’s all that fits. It doesn’t look at all like a gun bag, but I still don't much care for that particular carry method.
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