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"DCJS Instructor" had post an most excellent training list, that I was going to make a downloadable PDF files of. But some of the links were dead and others led to sites other than training. So I though I'd post an update. I have checked each of the links and they all work. I tried to be as accurate as possible. If you find any errors please let me know and I will fix it. I've attached a PDF file with active links that can be downloaded to you do not have to come back looking for this thread to find a training site. If you would like to add a site to the list please do so and I will update the list and PDF periodically as long as there is an interest and new additions

The List


Golden Seal Enterprises

Practical Firearms Training - Pat Goodale

10-8 Consulting

Trident Concepts

Rogers Shooting School

E.A.G. Tactical

International Tactical Training Seminars, Inc (ITTS)

Triple Canopy

Mid-South Institute of Self-Defense Shooting



Thunder Ranch

Chapman Academy of Practical Shooting

Defense Training International

Tactical Energetic Entry Systems

Operational Tactics

On Line Defensive Use of a Firearm Training

Rifles Only

Executive Protection Institute

Sevigny Performance

Storm Mountain Training Center

Strategos International

Tactical Firearms Training Team

Tactical Response


HSS International

Valhalla Training Center

Viking Tactics, Inc.

Yavapai Firearms Academy

Tactical Intelligence International

GPS Defense Sniper School

Practical Shooting Academy

CRTC, Inc.

D&L Sports Training Facility

Glock Training


Hoffners Training Division

Rob Leatham Training

Jerry Barnhart

Personal Defense Solutions

Operational Skills Group

Special Operations Systems

Morrigan Consulting

Cumberland Tactics

Tac Pro Shooting Center

Insights Training


Southern Exposure Training Facility

Defensive Edge Training and Consulting

Khyber Interactive Associates

Control Concepts International

Countermeasures Tactical

MVM :: Silver Eagle (SEG) Training Facility

Massad Ayoob Group formally Lethal Force Institute

A Calculated Response

Artrade Corporation

B.E.L.T. Training

Cedar Valley Outfitters

Centerfire Training

Cornered Cat Training

Corporate Security and Investigations

Defense Associates

Derby Guns

Eagle Eye firearms Training

The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc.

Gator Farm Tactical Applications, LLC

Midwest Training Group

New Mexico Handgun Academy

Nighthawk Custom Training

Palladium Education, Inc.


REJ Firearms Training

Safety Certs!

Sand Burr Gun Ranch

Tactical Anatomy

Triple Arc Training Group

High Point Personal Security Training, LLC

Shootrite Firearms Academy


Welcome to S.W.A.T.

Universal Shooting Academy

Surefire Institute

Tactical Defense Institute

APT firearm and general weapons training

Rangemaster - Proven techniques, tactics, and thinking for the real world.

Midwest Training Group

Critical Response Training Group


Chuck Taylor's ASAA

Action Target Shooting Academy

Singleton International

Tony Blauer Tactical Systems

Center Mass, Inc.

Badlands Tactical Training Facility

Security Driver The Site for the Security Professional

Steve Tarani This site has been reported as being infected with malware use with caution

Linxx Academy

Shoot at the Site

Depot Training

ShivWorks | Integrated Solutions for Personal Protection

Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts

Tactical Shooting Academy - Home

Tactical Security

HK Defense US

Rochester Personal Defense

Oregon Firearms Academy LLC


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