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USP vs. USP compact?

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a few weeks ago i shot a usp compact that a friend owns. it was chambered in .357 sig and i absolutely loved it. i was fairly accurate with it( as i haven't shot a pistol larger than .22 in years, due to lack of oppurtunity), i kept all 10-12 rounds in a 6 by 6 square. it also felt really good in my hand. but as i was looking around the gun shop i saw that usp's were a bit cheaper than compacts, so my question is: is there much of a difference in feel, recoil, and ability to carry? this will be my first handgun other than what my father has owned, so i want to make a good choice.
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Well i cant say a whole lot as i dotn own a compact but there a little smaller than the fullsize only bad thing is 357sig isnt chambered in the fullsize if that is caliber you want
sorry, i forgot to mention that i plan on getting whichever gun i decide on chambered in .40 s&w
having shot both, I feel the compact isn't all that much smaller, and you lose some sight radius accuracy with the comp.
I have the Compact in 40 cal Variant 1 setup. It shoots VERY well, and never a hiccup during shooting sessions.
I have a full size USP45. LOVE it. You should try the 45 out also if you get the chance :)
Justin said:
I have a full size USP45. LOVE it. You should try the 45 out also if you get the chance :)
i would love to get a usp.45, but aren't they about $200 more than the rest of the calibers?
Not Around here there usually same price as other calibers
well I live in south texas, and i haven't even found a dealer for HK in my city.....I guess i'll have to go back to my home town for my purchase.

any of you usp owners have anything mounted on your handguns, such as lights or accessories? i have read that the rail is not (insert proper term that escapes me) the same as other handguns with rails, therefore making it hard to find accessories that work. not that i am going to run around with a surefire on at the range, but it would be nice for any possible late night encounters in my home.
you can buy a light to fit it or get the adapter so that the light that fits everything else will fit it also
Mr. Orange,

When I bought my first handgun about 3 months ago (after NJ cleared me to do so...I bought an HK USPc .40) I LOVE IT. I've had a very minor issue with the aftermarket sites, because you can't get Night Sites from the factory, but over all, I'm very very happy.

I recently got to shoot an HK USP .40, and for some reason, it just felt cheaper then my Compact. I dunno...

While the HK USP rails are not 1913 standard, you can find adapters or lights to fit em. Perhaps the p2000 might be a better choice for a cCW piece, and the rails are standard size.
well i did think about a p2000, but aren't they a bit smaller, i have rather large hands and want something that will give me a positive fell when i draw it. also i don't think it would be an issue as i usually wear loose fitting clothes.
P2000 is smaller but has interchangeable back straps to beeter fit your hand i have a big hand and thought it fit well
Saw a Browning "Pro 40" pistol in 40S&W. Stainless slide with Polymer frame. 14 shot Sig 229 style frame. (same size as the Sig 229) Decocker in rear of slide that doubles as a condition 1 safety as in the 1911 series. VERY nice package indeed. Came with two hi caps and removable backstrap to change angle of grips (like the SW 99/ Walther 99 series ) Retail was 549.95 New.. might want to check it out
thx for the heads up ont he browning, and i have looked at those but i am pretty much set on a usp.
Insight has several models to choose from. Some have laser integrated and some are just the light. Depending on the model chosen will determine whether an additional bracket is needed. Prices range from about $160 for the M2 light up to $350 for the M6x light/laser. They have models for the USP or USPc.

Here is the link.
thx man, that will come in usefull once i make my purchase.
Don't get me wrong, I love my USP. Its the gun I shoot best with, but I don't want to carry it all day long in the summer. I am not a big guy, 5'10" 170 lb. or so. The USP just sticks out too much for me.
well im a little bigger than you, not to say you're small (6'1, 220) and i wear my clothes rather loosely( my dad says it looks like a family of gypsies moved out of my jeans) so i don't think it will be a big deal, but i guess i will have to see for myself once i get the gun.
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