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Utah BCI today: Working on April 18th.

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I took your advice today and called BCI. Am I ever disappointed with them right now.

To give a bit of background, I mailed my Utah CCW application on April 12, 2006; via USPS Registered mail. The post office reports delivery of the CCW application to BCI on April 14.

The young lady at BCI informed me that BCI is currently working on applications received April 18th and that my application was received April 19th! A full 5 days longer than the post office reported delivery. I informed her of my sending via Registered mail and my confirmation stating April 14.

She informed me that it typically takes 5 days to process in and 5 days out, any and all applications and permits.

So, to all waiting and for future reference to all others:

The processing time of all applications is pragmatically, 70 days.

On a somewhat better note, my application will be processed tomorrow and permit will be sent out June 21. I should receive it toward the end of next week.
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That is a long wait. It is almost over though, and congratulations. UT has very reasonable renewal costs.
Thanks for that info. I mailed mine off on April 18th. They should have gotten it the next day. Looks like I'll have to wait till the end of the month. :mad:
Well, received it on the 19th....kinda

Spitzerbullet said:
Thanks for that info. I mailed mine off on April 18th. They should have gotten it the next day. Looks like I'll have to wait till the end of the month. :mad:
Remember, processing takes 5 days.

So, they "received" your application on the 24th.
Yeah, my check was processed on the 24th so I know they got it.
The long wait is incredibly aggravating. If it makes you feel any better, TN takes 90 days. :dead:
I was expecting mine near July 7. I guess I'll have to wait till the 17th. Sigh.
Waiting sucks, but could be worse. I mailed off the paperwork for Utah and Florida the same day that I applied (in person, of course), for my Nevada CCW, in late February. The Utah packet said that they had 60 days to process the application. I received my Utah permit in 30 days. Florida's stated time frame was 60 days, which is about what it took. Nevada state law says that the Sheriff has up to 120 days to issue, and while many counties are quick, Clark County (the Las Vegas area), is notorious for taking every last day. I got it in 90 days, a month early, so I was happy. But, think about this- I could carry in ~30 states BEFORE I could carry in my home state. Even more aggravating is that while I received my Nevada CCW in late May, on the front of the permit, it says, Issue Date: 2/24/06. In other words, the permit was issued a few days after I applied, but was not mailed tome for 3 months. That bites. So, while the wait is really annoying, it could indeed be much worse. Heck, you could line in a state like California, an you might not get one at all.
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