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Utah CCW: 60 days. Query.

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Utah BCI has received my application package 60 days ago on April 14th. The mail has come today and no CCW.

I know the mailroom runs rather slow there. From what I have read, there is a 7 to 12 day delay from time of issue, to received by the person issued.

With the previous paragraph mentioned, does anyone have any experience to how long I should wait until I contact BCI to inquire on the status?
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If Utah is required to issue within that 60 day period, I would call them now.
Took less than 30 days to get my non-resident Utah permit.
Utah ended the handling course exemption for LEOs and NRA instructors recently. The end of April IIRC. A lot of the places doing Utah training ran specials running up to this deadline. So I expect they had a higher than typical application rate just before that and even into this month since I think people have until June 30th to get their application in under the old exemptions.

However by all means give them a call and see what they say. I applied the week after you and hope mine is in the mailbox when I get home on the 24th.
We have this problem in GA as well. Every probate court in the state (the issuing authority here) pretty much ignores the statutory 60-day limit.

When one inquires about the delay, they have no problem giving BS excuses or flat out admitting that they don't feel that they have to follow the law.

It's rediculous.
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