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Utah CCW

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My application has been received by the Utah BCI on April 14.

I know that the BCI website states that the application process can take up to 60 days, but know of many that have received their CCW in as little as three weeks.

How long has anyone who has received their Utah CCW recently, waited for their application to clear and receive it in the mail?

Thanks for those who can help.
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I got mine last august and it took me 7 days to get it. Obviously that time frame has passed but it shouldn't be much longer.

I sent my Utah CCW application in towards the middle of March and I've still not heard anything back from them. I think they are running a little slower than they had been.

Hopefully they will get back to the faster turn-around time soon.
We sent ours in mid March and they charged our credit card on March 23...still no permit though.....
I sent my app on 4/1/06. Check cleared on 4/13/06. I haven't heard anything yet. I won't start to get anxious until after 6/1.
Utah BCI charged my CC on 03/23/06 and I got my card in the mail 4/24/06

I like to think I got it so quickly, because I live right:rolleyes:

Just received my Utah permit yesterday. Mailed everything mid March, and they charged my credit card March 23. Received permit on May 6.

Very attractive permit...sure wish CA issued something as nice. Ous is just paper.
I took the course in the beginning of March and just got my permit about a week ago. I called several times to check on the status of my permit and each time they told me it would take the full 60 days.
Any Updates????? I sent mine off the first of April, and have heard nothing yet.
According to a thread on Packing.......Utah BCI as of May 23, was working on applications received in their office on April 5.
I mailed the application in late February, and received it 30 days later. Utah states that it will take up to 60 days, so I was happy with getting it so quickly.
I think they are a little slow at this time. I am a UT instructor and they processed me within two weeks. Be patient now.
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