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The gubernatorial debate is now available to watch on

Senator Deeds admits wanting to close the 'gun show loophole,' McDonnell stands firm against interfering with private gun sales in this video of a recent debate:


The question on "closing the 'gun show loophole'" starts at 55 minutes exactly into the video. Senator Deeds admits wanting to close the so called loophole based solely on emotion, to do "something" to make those who lost family members in the Virginia Tech slaughter feel better. Bob McDonnell stood strongly against legislation that would interfere with private gun sales.

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The only thing that truly will make those families feel better is to invent a real world Way Back Machine to allow them opportunity to go back in time and either make their peace with those they lost, if not provide them with means of defense (!) and instruction to not equivocate when the time comes to aligning their sights upon sight of the whites of Cho's eyes.

But considering that back to the future possibility is not yet possible in technology there is really nothing that any of us can do that will seriously help reduce the pain of those folks loss.
Further limiting if even eliminating the freedoms of those of us amongst the vast majority who had nothing to do with that event though does nothing and results in hundreds of thousands of Virginians having bad 'feelings' as an expense against that of a very few.

What next?
Ban sale of alcohol on Friday and Saturday nights because of drunken driving incidents that have and do tend to occur on those days?
To help victims, including myself who was years ago hit and seriously injured by such a person, feel better?

Seriously. Such an argument is laughable in view even as it's basis is somber and intended to be with respect.

- Janq
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