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Versapak Jumbo.. a great option

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Here is a nice carry-all/bug out bag with a CCW option.

Resonably priced as well.:banana:
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Thx - looks worth checking out.
Yeah....looks like some cool stuff!!!!
M.s.r.p $78.00

That's not bad at all.
Looks like good quality. I checked out the other photos.
Looks like a lot of thought & labor when into making that.
Ok, who is going to buy and test this for us?
When just out kicking about in the woods I've always like bags like that.
Used to use a old Mussete(SP?) type bag as a youth and I've got one old surplus bag, Norway or Swede, that I use for my AR mags.

However though I'll bet top notch quality that price still gives me pause.

But that's retail I assume and my last Blackhawk Omega vest cost me half of it's retail price.
its not for me but thanks for the look at it anyway
Kind of a big, burly "man purse." Looks awful handy, though, and seemingly a good option for a BOB. Good find - maxpedition is pretty nice stuff at a reasonable price.
Maxpadition Versapack Jumbo $59.00

It is available on the bay for $59.00

eBay Item number: 8784743679

Here is a good in-depth review with pics:

Here is the URL for a dealer that carries the Jumbo for $59.00. He accepts PayPal and shipping is cheaper if you purchase off his website. Mine was delivered in just over 28 hours!
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Unlike a backpack you can access the stuff inside this without droppin' it. BUT.......I am too use to a BP(and way too old)to change. A BP will stay put better than this type also. I'm sure that they will sell a ton of these though. Just not for me. --------
Ultimate BOB

duckhunter said:
Kind of a big, burly "man purse." Looks awful handy, though, and seemingly a good option for a BOB. Good find - maxpedition is pretty nice stuff at a reasonable price.
I was thinking the exact same thing and I THINK I have a buddy locally who is one of their dealers....:image035:
Well looks like the actual selling prices are a bit more reasonble. I think they also carry them in the AG Russel catalog or one of the other versapacks. When I go pick up one of their new versions of the Sting I'll see if they got one in their showroom.
I like them too, and I waited to buy until the jumbo came out, but then found out the main compartment still isn't big enough for my laptop. I really wanted that one but will probably end up getting the new model, the "Operator Tactical Attache".

There is a Red Dot/ 5.11 Tactical store in town now and I checked out some of the other Maxpedition products. They seem to be pretty tough.
I have owned and used the Maxpedition Jumbo Fatboy for about three months now and I am quite entusiastic about it for a number of reasons. First, the quality of the piece is absolutely outstanding. The stitching is even and tight and the bag is, overall, just as strong as it can be. Should last a lifetime as Maxpedition makes excellent stuff.

I have been having health/medical problems such that carrying concealed IWB has turned into quite a chore for me and the Jumbo Fatboy has been an godsend for me. It has a large concealed carry pocket that will allow for just about any reasonably sized gun to be carried and accessed with ease. The compartment is zippered and is not for those who want a "fast draw" option but it works plenty well enough.

Once a gun and extra ammo are stored there is still a "ton" of extra space to carry whatever the imagination wants to carry. It can even carry a 32 oz nalgene sports water bottle with no problem at all.

On the shoulder the carry is light, comfortable, and allows for easy, quick access.

I recommend it without reservation.
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I have a black one, which I carry fairly frequently. It is my go bag in my job as a news photographer for when I have to run out late at night. I keep my flash in it, plus batteries, pens, etc. I also have my Spyderco Perrin street bowie attached to the pack, and most of the time when I go out with it, my Glock 26 is stuck down in the hidey pouch.

There are enough pouches and pockets in this thing to really make it quite a bug out bag. I've carry a lot more stuff in it than I should have been able to do.

One thing I really like about it is this...I can put the strap over my shoulder, and there is a little strap on the back side of the bag. I can attach that strap to my belt, and the bag doesnt flap on my side if I move fast. That also means I can securely draw my G26 from it, without the bag moving with the gun.

I dont have the special maxpedition holster that they make for the hidey pouch, and I don't think I really need it.

I got mine from for slightly less than 55 bucks shipped.
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I ordered me one, it looks like a bag I could use for hiking and travel...the CC holster is a plus too!!!!
Versa Jumbo

I too am a photographer and I am somtimes shooting in areas that are less than hospitable, I love the fact that I can carry and haul a decent amount of photo equipment too!:image035:

Water bottle holder will fit a Hasselblad lens... the thing even has a foul weather flap! I heard one guy complain that he didn't like the fact that it wouldnt fit his laptop easily....
Give me a break!

This bag is a really nice piece of kit!
hassiman said:
I heard one guy complain that he didn't like the fact that it wouldnt fit his laptop easily....
Give me a break!
I wasn't complaining, I really want the thing. I waited a long time on the Jumbo to come out and I still may be able to make it work.

Still need the break?
Gimme a break....

The fellow that complained about the Jumbo not fitting a laptop was on another discussion list... not this one.

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