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P95Carry said:
Hank - there are IIRC two main methods for high speed work.

One is a very fast frame rate camera, film or dig' - running at some crazy speed - one frame could be snagged from one of those, possibly.

Other way tho is, and this is done in a lab virtually, like other way - the camera is set up on tripod, using a ''B'' setting - shutter open. The actuation is thru sound usually and then the ''box of tricks'' fires a strobe/flash - with duration of around 1/10,000 sec. By adjusting the delay from trigger, the flash can be made to fire +/- a millisecond or so either way.

Thus - if bullet just ''stopped'' in front of a card, you could add another msec to allow it to progress a tad more before flash captures it.

Not so sure the hi intensity xenon discharge tubes can't manage a millionth of a second these days.

Key word "EG&G Model 531 microflash" sooo you win the U R right prize.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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