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Very Interesting Holster

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The story is a bit more interesting than the visual effect of the holster. This is for sale on Ebay right now.
BTW ~ I am in no way related to anything having to do with the sale of this holster.

Arvo Ojala born in 1920 and died in July 2005. Up for auction is an authentic ARVO OJALA western gun belt rig.
This ARVO OJALA rig is a patented right-hand fast draw steel lined holster with a slight forward cant.

Arvo Ojala was commonly seen at the beginning of the GunSmoke series doing his fast draw against Marshal Matt Dillon.

He has remained a legend in Hollywood as the maker of many gun belt rigs for movie stars and teaching many of them the fast draw techniques that he developed.
Want to know more about Arvo Ojala; go to Google search and type in Arvo Ojala and you will learn all about him and his Hollywood legacy.
His rigs have become quite scarce and rare to find.

This rig is a dark tan suede leather on the outside and smooth brown leather on the inside.
The condition is excellent with a few dark marks from the revolver, easily buffed with a brass brush or light sandpaper.
A measurement from the buckle to the first hole in the billet appears to be about 36 inches and to the last hole is about 40 inches.
The rig is very heavy duty construction and is about 3 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick.
It has the hammer and leg leather ties.
The belt and the holster are both clearly stamped ARVO OJALA, HOLLYWOOD, CAL with the patent number.
This rig does not have any bullet loops making it even more unusual. I am not certain, but I believe this rig was made for a Colt .44 or .45.

I put a large frame .357 magnum revolver into it and it fit very nicely. :)confused: huh? QKShooter comment.)

.....................blah blah blah....(some text eliminated.)

I passed one of these up once (identical) at a super low price because I never cared for the look of "Rough Out" reversed leather.

I never knew that he did The Draw against Matt Dillon.

Any of our Forum Holster Makers ever meet or talk to Arvo Ojala? Just Wondering.
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One of those rigs QK where function probably wins out big time against the actual aesthetics.

Pretty collectible methinks.

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I loved Matt Dillon and Gunsmoke! I thought Miss Kitty was "hot"! (So...I was maybe 5 or 6? Maybe 7?) Sure I missed the innuendos, if any, in those days of TV. I didn't even know what "hot"

QK: If you ever try a "rough out" pocket holster, they're a bit "stickier" in the pocket, otherwise, I'm like you - I prefer the nice patina of fine finished "hard leather".
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