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The following footage was taken today, April 30, 2006.

1st Video Clip) - The first video clip shows me firing my LWS32 using Gold Dots at a fresh target I took out to about 12-15 feet of distance. The round target was placed at lower chest level. As you will see, I fired the LWS 4 times, with all shots hitting the target. The last 3 shots on this Clip were placed within an inch of each other. I used a rest bag to help me stabilize my shooting hand, which in turn helped me stabilize video-taping with my left hand.

I was doing my best to "aim" at the Target while I fired the gun..

On the 4th and last shot I had a FTF which was probably caused by limp wrist. The LWS32 functioned perfectly for the rest of the shooting session. I stopped the video camera from filming ,...which was being held with my left hand, I fired the LWS with my right hand. NOT EASY TO DO!! :) I cleared the FTF and proceeded to video tape firing the last 3 GDs left in the magazine

2nd video clip)- In this Clip I fire the last 3 GDs left in the magazine. They all hit their mark!! At the end of this video clip you can count all seven shots/hits.:)

Here's a close-up photograph of the Target...

3rd video clip) - In the following Clip I'll be shooting 3 rounds at the square target that was placed to the face area of the silhouette. I used Federal Hydro Shoks from here on.. You can see all 3 shots hit it's mark. Kinda funny but if you pay close attention, you can see the last two shots hit in the area where the "left and right eye" would have been on the Target.

I ran out of memory on the digi-cam and the rest of the footage and session was captured in real time miniDV formated video.

In a few days I'll post video footage recorded in real time (30fps). It will show me shooting the gun in rapid fire, free hand style (no rest bag), and doing this while point shooting (no aiming) and hitting 6 out of 7 on a fresh target. This little gun is phenomenal! The Federal Hydro Shoks (65gr) have become my favorite load. Flawless performance.


Here's the video clip that shows me point shooting and rapid firing the LWS32. All but one shot, the last one , hit the square center target. The last shot was a flier that ended up hitting the top "face" target.

**For reasons unknown to me, the sound is delayed a bit and not in sync with the video. Something didn't go well in the upload. I'll work on getting it right in the next few days.

Here it is...
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