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Video of two police officers being gunned down

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I think this is the correct section for this post, at first I was thinking of putting it in the carry issues and discussion section but as this is a prime example of a "tactical scenario" I figured I better put it here.

WARNING! This link contains the actual murder of two police officers killed in cold blood, I must also warn any potential viewers that this link is to a very controversial website that shows many images and videos of real life violence, murder, war, death, etc. So you may not want to open it at the workplace or in front of children. The reason why I wanted to show this video is that I believe it is important for us to see what can happen in an actual firefight, and that in a life and death situation, every second counts more than we think.

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I have no idea if they ever caught the scumbag.:frown:

One thing I noticed after watching this video was the hesitation of the officers, I don't know if it was from fear or just suprise, but whatever the reason for it, it lead to an outcome that was not good.

What's your take on the video? What would you have done?
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I tell ya what, part of me agrees with you jiggz that there is some value in watching videos like that, particularly when police officers use them in a training situation. But they are disturbing to many of the people, including some of our members. We haven't, in the past, had a policy either for or against posting these types of videos. A couple of weeks ago I even localized a copy of a similar video on the CombatCarry server.

That being said, I believe it needs to be part of our policy that we're not going to host or link to videos or stills that are gruesome and/or show a police officer getting killed in the line of duty. In addition, I believe links to the site that had that video hosted gives them legitimacy, which they do not have. If we post it here, we channel some of the gruesome element in to our world. Everyone here should pretty much know where they need to go to see that kind of stuff. Sorry, I don't think we are going to allow it anymore..... :frown:

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God bless all of the officers that do the thankless job. To critique the officers' action/inaction is unnecessary because most everyone here does not operate within the same environment.

Spread the video so that many people will see it and thereby increase the chance that someone will recognize the suspects, call the police and have them arrested (if they have not been)...
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