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Virginia: Governor McDonnell Signs Concealed Carry Confidentiality Bill

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Earlier today, Governor McDonnell signed Sen. Mark Obenshain's (and VCDL supported) Concealed Carry Confidentiality bill (SB 1335) into law. :congrats:

Now that SB 1335 has been signed, law-abiding Virginians will no longer risk having their private information disclosed simply because they choose to exercise a constitutional right.

We all saw what happened when a New York newspaper published an interactive map of concealed carry permit-holders on their website: criminals used it to their advantage and law-abiding gun owners were harassed.

But what’s even more disturbing (and what happened here in Virginia when the Roanoke Times published a link to the data) is that these lists sometimes disclose the new addresses of victims of domestic violence, witnesses in crimes and others who have a very good reason
to not want and have gone to some effort and expense to keep their contact information in public view.
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Great. Thanks for the post.
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