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This will only be of interest to those that rely on their scope turrets to set holdovers accurately. It was interesting to me to see if the scope would track accurately for the aforementioned reason.

Basically the question this is answering is if I dial 10-20 MOA into my scope's turret, will it move the POI by that amount. If it doesn't it's not a deal breaker because there are ways to deal with it, but for me, if I dial in 3.5 MOA of elevation, I want the bullet to impact 3.5 MOA higher. For example, I typically zero at 100 yards which will give a drop at 200 yards of about 4" or about 2 MOA (1.92 MOA actually). So if I'm at 200 yards and I dial in 2 MOA I should expect the bullet to be off by no more than 3/16". If I'm at 244 yards, I would dial in 3.25 MOA (3.31 MOA actual) and should expect an impact of about 1/8" low.

All this is based on the scope tracking accurately, so this was a test to see how well it tracks with the turret indications. I should have mentioned this in the video, maybe it's implied, but I'm aiming at the same point every shot. The shot impact changes because I've changed the elevation.

BTW, don't pay a whole lot of attention to the MOA I talk about. I see I mean target reference some and scope referenced some - just really messed that up. The fact is I increased the scope by 10 MOA which resulted in 5 inches of elevation at 50 yards. The target had 1 MOA squares, but only at 100 yards, and I kinda mushed all that together. Sorry about that. I'll probably wind up redoing the video and get the "MOA" correct.

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