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Walmart HAD 9mm

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Went to Walmart today and lo and behold they had 6 boxes of Federal 9mm on the shelf. I bought 3 boxes for 11.97 a box (50 rds a box). Not a bad price.
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Got plenty of 9MM but I was able get 3 boxes of 22LR for $2.17 a box.
I've been buying my ammo at walmart as well. It's the only source that hasn't grossly inflated their prices locally. The only problem is trying to be at ammo counter at the right time. When they get in a shipment, it's gone in minutes, literally.
You guys are killing me. :rolleyes: I haven't found any ammo at the walmart locations near me in a very long time, darn this working for a living.

Seriously, glad you're finding some...maybe I'll find some soon.
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Academy had Monarch 9mm today for $12.99. Bought a box for my bro-in-law since I have no 9mm pistols anymore. But they also had 100 round WWB packs of .40 S&W for $36. The trick is patience. I haven't shot in a month while building my stash, up to about 300 rounds of .40 S&W. I think I may just shoot the heck out of my .357 for now because that stuff is all over the place.
Lucky you and that sounds like a good price. I think this madness will subside soon and we will be able to buy some ammo soon.
I can't even find 9mm at my LGS much less Walmart most of the time. When I can find it at the LGS it's a 1 box limit IF you're going to the range or buying a gun, otherwise not available. (I have been known to buy a box, shoot a mag of 7 and leave) I haven't found any at Walmart since well before the new year
There is a small amount showing up sporadically around here in the places I frequent. I find I look in a lot fewer places now because of the inflated prices in some locations. I suppose that having 9mm for 45 per 50 is ok if you really need it at least you can get it but I have yet to "really need it" thankfully. I'll frequent those places used their usual markup on what they had, was a few dollars more than it used to be but I expect they are seeing same issue with their wholesalers to an extent.

Seems like its just week to week, have it one week and next its nowhere to be found again.
my local big R on saturday got 9, 40, 45, 223, 762. and a bunch of it. at the same cheap prices they haven't raised any prices at all. they still have some too. the reason is their only letting people buy 1 box per caliber per family per day. so its kinda nice to be able to get a box of 9 40 and 45 for your stock. and my local walmart got 9 40 and 45 in tulammo and they got a bunch in. i picked up a box of 40 from them. so this weekend was nice i got buncha ammo. and went shooting also!!
It's a good time to own a .357sig... I bought 5 boxes of Speer gold dots for about $100 today
I think that Walmart thing is totally against us. Just kidding. Supply and Demand.

Good to you who scored some reasonable priced Ammo!
I've recently found 9mm and 5.56/.223 ammo at walmart. It doesn't last long and the prices are very reasonable. .22lr is on my most needed list now, with less than 1000 rounds in my house. I haven't seen .22lr anywhere recently, except online at ridiculous prices and even that is quickly bought out.
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