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Walther P22

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So I was at the gun show today and as always found several things to tempt the wallet. Nearly picked up another shotgun for home defense. I mean I only have one and what if I'm in the other side of the house and can't get to it when needed? Saw a nice little .40 polymer semi, of course the make/model escape me right now, that felt much better in the hand than I thought it would. (I'm having an old moment forgive me.)

But the main temptation was a little Walther P22, the green and black one. (That "tactical" look always gets to me. :smile: ) The price was about $290 and the little thing felt pretty good in the hand. I understand that they are very accurate too. The guy that I usually go to, the local gun store, was selling at the show so I went and I asked him about them. He sells them for $20-30 less that the other guy. The main excuse I'd use, I mean reason I need one, is for the kids to use.

Any comments or experience with the P22?

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I got one for my wife a few years ago as an anniversary present. She LOVES it.
I had my son carry it in the woods last year while archery hunting too.

The only thing about it is, when the mag is fully loaded (10 rounds) it can jamb (FTL I think some call it here in the forum.) To prevent that from happening, I just kept the mag loaded to 7 max at first. I have kept the mags fully loaded in the case for most of the time and the last time we shot with it, I could have 9 rounds in the mag without an FTL occurrence.
Also, the slide has a catch where it will occasionally not fully load the round. When that happens, I just lightly tap the back of the slide with my palm and it loads. I think this is part of the FTF with 10 rounds problem. I haven’t checked lately, but after keeping the mags fully loaded for a while, I expect to be able to not have that problem any more.

Great plinker! Good kids first pistol too. I’d say it is on a par with the Ruger .22 pistols for a kid’s first gun.
All in all I'd say a good pistol. Nothing to bet your life on but definately a fun plinker. They are really accurate too, especially with the 5" barrel. They are a bit picky about ammo, not to an extreme point but it wont digest crap ammo. I've had a few problems with misfeeding but mainly because I hold it with my pinky finger pulling down on the mag. I've taught myself not to do that anymore and have had minimal problems since. For the price they are really fun pistols.
I've had a few problems with misfeeding but mainly because I hold it with my pinky finger pulling down on the mag.
Now I've not thought of that as being an issue.
That does it! I'm going to the range to test it.:image035:
I know of 2 guys with em. Good guns, but both had problems with the slide locking back ,even with ammo in the mag. also both had an issue with the safety egaging with slide recoil while shooting.
Smith/ walther will fix any problems though.
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