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Well, I finally got my wife to get on-board with me getting a weapon for home defense. This is eventually going to transfer into a carry gun when I take my class in a couple months.

I have definitely narrowed it down to the Walther P99AS, now I need to know if I should get the compact or the fullsize.

I love both guns. They feel perfect in my hands, but I much rather have the larger gun for less recoil and a larger sight radius, not to mention the longer barrel.

I wouldn't have problems even carrying a full-sized 1911 in my personal life, but it's my work that I have an issue with. Concealed carry is welcomed and encouraged in my work environment, and I typically wear business casual. I wear slacks, oxford shirts, and ties, and I need to figure out how to carry in that capacity. I was thinking a belly band for work carry, but I'm not sure how well it would work. I also Want to be able to carry that full sized weapon if at all possible.

I'm not a skinny guy. I'm large frame, 5' 11" and about 260lbs, with about a 2" gut on the front. I really can't do appendix carry, I would consider small of the back, I do not want ankle carry, and I prefer the belly band if you think it would work. I will probably do a IWB for every day carry, but work needs to be more specialized, and I was wondering first if anyone thinks that the full-sized weapon would be fine, then I will take this discussion to the concealment forum specifically.
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