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been on the waiting list for a while and finally picked up my wifes xmas present.

first thoughts: p22's slightly bigger brother...
it fits well in the hand, its almost too easy to rack the slide "first time you do you think you broke it lol"

test fire: went outside with a few magazines full and some empty pepsi cans. "this is all being done while the wife is out shopping so i kinda rushed"
at 15 feet it was like shooting my ruger mark II pistol. its not a tack driver like the ruger but i was able to hit my target EVERY time.
no malfunctions of any kind.

concealability: very easy compared to my glocks. to me it feels like carrying a colt commander but alot lighter... after 10 mins i got used to it so that is nice.

over all: this gun is awesome and i feel confident having my wife carry it EDC.
one thing i dont like "this is mainly a personal gripe" the finish of the gunsmithing on the breech side of the barrel could have used a bit more polishing... the machine marks are still a lil rough for my taste but the gun did not malfunction at all so if it works well...

hope this is helpfull for anyone considering this pistol.

p.s. couldnt snap pics because i was on a time constriction but if i get another chance before i wrap it up i'll post... if not i'll just take pics when she opens it.

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