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Weak hand - and cant

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Not a new subject as it has been seen in discussions in assorted threads but - wondering what the consensus is.

I find invariably that when shooting weak hand only, I almost always cant about 5º clockwise, maybe even more. I think this is a function of muscle dominance/reversal, relative lack of strength control and ''what works''!

I have not tried to get rid of it because it is hard to do - and IMO it does not matter too much - my accuracy is adequate. OTOH many might say - it can always be improved on.

So - what say y'all - any cant? if so how much? Or no cant at all.

I guess for lefties the cant might well if present be the reverse of what I described.
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There is a chance that it has more to do with the firearm positioned differently from the weak side of the body but, still being right eye dominant. Eye dominance more than muscle dominance I'm guessing.
That would be even with both eyes open.
May-haps due to head position (more than anything else) & turning the head a bit more likely will solve that...if it's a problem.
Since it sounds like you seem to be shooting OK with the pistol slightly tilted I'm not sure how urgent a need there is to correct the problem.
Interesting thread.

It's getting late & I'm not sure how clear I was on that above.:blink:
Yes, I cant my hand slightly whenever I fire one handed; I do find that I apply a bit more hand strength by doing to.
If i shoot weak hand weak eye no if i shoot weak hand dominate eye yes about 5 degrees or so
Unless you're very different, QK is right- do a quick (yes, follow Safety Procedures!) draw and present from the off side. My guess is you'll come center-line with about a 2:00 cant.:wink:
If I am shooting shoulder square one-handed, yes, the pistol is canted about 5-10 degrees. A little to the left if shooting right, and a little to the right if shooting left.

Same if I shoulder off.

I find I can recover from recoil faster, and come back to POA easier that way.
Instructed so

In my concealed carry and defensive fun shoot classes, we were taught to hold a bit tilted with the weak hand (and anytime we're one-handed if I remember correctly). It's a more natural position. Trying to "fix" it may in fact hamper your accuracy and point shooting instinct, in my uneducated thinking.
I've noticed similar myself

I noticed similar myself but was still accurate at range so I didn't dwell on it much. If I go weak hand - dominant eye, I occassionally get the same sort of results (seemed to be around 1 o-clock for me). I guess I will have to pay closer attention on my next range trip.
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