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Hello. No, I didn't get a new gun, but I realized that I had not shot a Hi Power, any Hi Power, in a couple of weeks or so. At least I didn't remember if I had. This wouldn't do or withdrawal could possibly alter my perception of the cosmos, so I went to the gun room and grabbed a fairly plain Mk III (that always seems to be near to hand), one of Eric Larsen's holsters, a mag carrier, and an extra 13-shot Mec-Gar magazine to supplement the 10-rnd job that came with that gun.

This plain old Mk III was used today. It has had the hammer bobbed and the right-side safety lever removed. The magazine disconnect was mercifully gone when I bought this pistol slightly used. It has a 4 1/2 to 5-lb trigger that breaks cleanly. The grips are Craig Spegel's black checkered delrin. It has an 18.5-lb recoil spring, a Buffertech buffer and no other alterations.

This holster by HBE and an old Bianchi magazine carrier were used with the Mk III.

Before leaving, I gathered up several boxes of "odds and ends" ammunition that had been partially fired. These included Winchester 115-gr. USA ball, Fiocchi 115-gr. FMJ as well as their 123-gr. "Combat" TC, Sellier & Bellot 115-gr. FMJ, and some Federal 115-gr. American Eagle.

At the range, I practiced some single shots from the holster, which averaged 1.39 secs/shot at 10 yards. This will be faster than some, but slower than many. It seems to be about my average for getting reasonably accurate hits. Following that were a few sets of controlled pairs, which were not timed, as well as some failure-to-stop drills. I also fired a few shots while on the move at the torso of the target.

Here is the target on which the above described shooting was done. (No, the tape is not covering misses. It was on the target before I stuck the cardboard target on it. By the way, I used some of that spray-on glue stuff and it was nice...but don't get it on your mitts; it doesn't want to come off!)

I also shot steel plates at 7 and 17 yards with the Hi Power three ways: left to right, right to left, and then every other one and back to clean up.

Some folks essentially practice only the "practical" type defensive shooting and I have no problems at all with it, but I tend not to leave the range after such a session w/o firing at least one group in precise slow-fire to remind my aging brain of the basics: sight picture, alignment, and trigger control.

This group was fired using two-hands in slow-fire at 15 yards with Fiocchi 123-gr. "Combat" ammunition. I'm not sure why it is designated "Combat," but it does group satisfactorily.

Roughly 175 rounds or so were fired and it was as relaxing as a nap for me. There were no malfunctions of any kind, with is the norm for most Hi Powers including this one.

I am reminded why I enjoy the Hi Power so much for all these years.


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SAC...seeing one of your range reports is always a pleasure.

My first gun is a BHP Mark II which is still with me....but, I haven't fired her in some time...thanks for reminding me that it's good to go back to one's first "love."

By the way...great shooting!

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Steve - what can I say! :smile:

As ever, the pleasure is all ours - an interesting and well written description of a shoot, the gun and ammo. You are without doubt one of the web's great assets in the gun world!!

Great shooting I must say - better than I would have done as, most often, I ruin an otherwise good group with the odd flyer! 1.39 sec in my book is pretty darned good - I have not timed myself in some time but reckon I am lucky to break 2 seconds these days.

As for the platform well - what can one say! I am way too lax in taking out my BHP Practical - many have seen the pic. I love the gun - always have loved BHP's and certainly never expect other than 100% function with about any ammo. Time I feel to do as you did - and excercize the beauty soon as I get the chance.

Thx again my friend - thx so much for posting.


Afterthought - you say 18.5# spring - I am all but clueless or anyways bad on memory - what might my std spring be in the BHP Practical?

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good shooting and nice looking leather as well as the Hi Power.
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