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Phil Elmore said:
I wrote of my experience with the 9mm Hi Point while running it through a four-hour intensive class with Chris Fry and Progresive FORCE Concepts. I mentioned it in passing to one of the students who was there today (at the Dec. 10th 300-400 level class, which was on handguns). "I couldn't believe that ugly thing worked and worked," I said.

"Neither could I, frankly," he said.

I am convinced, therefore, that the reports I have read elsewhere are true. I can say from personal experience that out of the box the weapon performs -- and it performs with reasonable accuracy and reliability. I can also say that it's full of sharp edges, awkward non-ergonomics, and rough workmanship. (The magazines are also a weak link -- you have to slap them good to make sure the rounds are angled properly and those rounds can get pointed down and cause a misfeed if you're not diligent.)

Almost anyone can afford more gun if they save up over time. There are, however, people who cannot afford more right now as opposed to later when they've saved. Is it better to have no gun, or to have a cheap, ugly, uncomfortable gun? I'd say the latter -- but that doesn't mean I intend to spend another four hours letting this thing cut up my hands in repeated relays.

There are SOOO many better handguns than any high point. For instance, I saw a years old Taurus 38 special version of the military and police in a gun shop for 120 bucks...with a holster. That gun would still be working when the pot metal Low Point POS gun is in a pile of broken guns somewhere.

At our local shop, they had both model 10 smith police turn ins and CZ-152 pistols WITH AMMO for less than 150 bucks. Either pistola would be a good choice for a martialist on a tight budget.

He could probably find a Kel Tec 9mm pistol for about 175 bucks used, and it would make a decent CCW gun.

But, as many have said, you can't talk to some people. He will have to learn for himself.
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