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the smith's strength is concealed carry.......and/or reduced weight for field carry like a kit is more specialized and narrow/specific in scope.....concealed carry and reduced weight.

the ruger is a service 4" revolver for open carry and wears many hats.....jack of all trades.....king of nothing. She was built for service....not concealed carry.

in this case, i would go with the Smith.....she has a pinned barrel and no hillary hole....its better suited for my needs and in the long term probably more valuable.

i do like ruger revolvers......but a 3" j-frame Smith i would not pass up as i can see myself possibly applying it at times for carry. The Ruger would be more of a range plinker/truck gun for me.......i have K frame Smiths for competition.

my 357 days are far and few.......the 38 is a different matter.
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