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Only had my Cellphone/camera , oh well :embarassed:

Finally was warm and dry enough to go after work.

Took my P226 ,P245, and Taurus snubbie.
Ran about 50 rds thru each.
Had 2 FTFs with the new P245 , but it was with some cheap
.45 semi-wadcutters I had kicking around.

Dirty P245

I LOVE THIS GUN! :love_at_first:

Part of the Club-

The P226 loves wwb .40SW 180gr.
Ran some 158gr .357 thru the Taurus (thank god for rubber grips)

I was a little surprised that the P245 had less muzzle jump than
my P226 .40 , I guess its the way it sorta nestles in your hand :wink:

Did I Say I LOVE THIS GUN! :smlove2:

Didn't really shoot groups , just blastin and break-in for the p245.

Here's a "composite" Target after I was done. :biggrin2:

Well , Time to go clean SIGS now. :wave:

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AK's - as ever we can always say a day at the range (even a bad one) always beats a day at work.

Looks like you wrung out your pieces pretty well! I am way overdue to do the same!
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