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West Virignia: Call Your State Senators!

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I received an email alert from WVCDL. It says, in part:

HB2760 continues to languish in Senate committee. Senator Herb Snyder (D-Jefferson) has spoken with WVCDL Vice President Art Thomm, and there is some hope that this bill will see the agenda in his committee. However, as of today, Senator Palumbo (D-Kanawha) has not changed his course in media.

WVCDL, do not let Senator Snyder's potentially libelous commentary in the media deter you from your course. We must continue to light up the phones of the leadership, and we must continue to plan for action in their home districts.

As such, I'm asking that members and supporters from the 2nd Senatorial District contact me directly at 304-421-3404, by email, or via Facebook. This district includes: Calhoun, Western Gilmer, Ritchie, Doddridge, Tyler, Wetzel, Western Monongalia, and Western Marhsall counties.

Further, a WVCDL supporter is reporting that Senator Snyder's office claims to be receiving an equal number of calls for and against preemption / HB2760. This is unacceptable. If there's an equal number of calls, this means one thing. We. Are. Losing.

Equality means status quo. This bill will not move. We have to keep the calls pouring in. It's not enough that we call. We must convince our friends, relatives, associates, and others to do their part to secure their liberty. Apathy is death in this state.

Senator Herb Snyder: (304) 357-7957
Senator Corey Palumbo: (304) 357-7880
Senate President Jeff Kessler: (304) 357-7801

Urge them to pass HB2760 without amendment!

HB2760 is a bill that will strengthen our preemption law by nullifying the anti gun laws that are currently in effect in a few municipalities within West Virginia. All DC members who are West Virginians, please call your state senators, and also call the senators mentioned above (in red). We need to get this bill out of committee and get it passed!

Also, if any out-of-staters want to help, your calls are appreciated. It certainly can't hurt, and may help.
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Bump. 126 views but no replies? Come on West Virginians, I want to see that you have called these senators! And a little help from out of state wouldn't hurt either.
Called Snyder's office this afternoon. Got an ans. Machine, but I left a message.
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