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So on Saturday I went to one of my local ranges after checking to see if Cabela's had any Shields in stock. The answer was no so I decided to see if they had any, once again a no. They did however have an XDs in 9mm which was one of the other guns I was looking at but hadn't been able to find anywhere. Needless to say I decided to pull the trigger and worry about arguing with my wife when she figures out I bought a new gun.

Of course I also need ammo to practice with so I decided to check out gunbot today. Got 1000 rounds of ammo for a grand total of 260.00 which is definitely good in my book. I've never been more happy that I handle the banking and my wife only looks at our account every once in a blue moon :biggrin2:

That's all. I'm glad to be a part of this forum. Seems like I learn something new every time I click on a new thread so I'm looking forward to contributing and getting to know everybody!

Only 180 days and whatever ridiculous permit processing wait time to go :danceban:

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Let's see....

New gun purchase, check.

Ammo for new gun, check.

Possible pissed off wife, check.

Yep, you hit the trifecta, go man, go.
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