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I had some interesting firearm discussions with a consultant my company uses. He has a private plane in Texas that he sometimes uses to come to Northern Virginia and sometimes uses for other travel out of Texas. He also does some work with the Air Force Reserve and the Civil Air Patrol. I know he can't and won't take firearms onto a miltary base, but what about other things that are generally considered weapons?

Flying long distances (or any distance, in my opinion!) means you should have certain normally prohibited items in your survival gear. He has a small ax or hatchet, knives, etc. But what are the rules and potential consequences when he lands at an airport? Soon as he lands he's within the secure area. How do you declare that you have a weapon and to whom? And if the state you land in doesn't have a reciprocity agreement with the state you have your permit in, how do you get your stuff out to the rental car?

It's just easier, I guess to be poor enough not to have my own plane sometimes! ;-) Anyone have any relevant experience or know someone who's been through this?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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