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What about this.45 carry pistol?

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Greetings to all:

Hey, for those who don't know me, I am James, a new member on combatcarry, and I'd like some advice regarding two carry pieces:

1. The Colt Officer's ACP -- Yes, I fell in love with this little pistol after watching HEAT a while back where Al Pacino carried a slicked-up version of it. I've heard in some localities that these downsized versions of the venerable Colt 1911 are not reliable. Is that true?

2. The Para Ordnance P-12 -- Basically similiar to the Colt Officer's ACP except it's holds some extra rounds. Of these two guns, which would you recommend for concealed carry, and what style of carry rig (Shoulder, IWB, etc) would be best to pack it with?

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Ich bin ein Glocker, so I can't comment on those specific pistols.

I do prefer IWB for concealment. I conceal a G21 (probably at least as big as either of those you mention) in a C-Tac IWB and it works well.
Hi James - welcome :)

I am not a major player with 1911's but as you'll find out many members here are. I have to admit, I tend toward full size - anything, and I carry OWB - me and IWB never have gotten on! My carry is SIG 226 ST.

As for P12 - well just happens that the one I have is for me way too unreliable - love the trigger, love the accuracy but darn it - even with Wolff spring job on mags - it just ain't good enough. Only my gun tho - I hear plenty of good as well.

Hopefully you'll get a load more input.
With potential reliability issues of a short barrel 1911, I just can't see the advantage of a 3" barrel over a 4". For that matter, I can't see the advantage of a 4" over a 5". They are all easy to conceal, but the 5" (or the 4" to a lesser degree) are ballistically superior, generally more accurate and more reliable....
Colt Officers Comment

BUT, FIRST THINGS FIRST ~ Welcome to the forum! :unitedsta

I had a Light~Weight Colt Officers Model.
One of the first ones put out by Colt.
The Aluminum frame on mine was a bit rough & choppy on the trigger guard polishing but, it was a fantastic pistol.
A great pistol to carry & conceal.
It needs a good leather holster to take full advantage of its maximum concealability.
No function related problems at all with mine.
I put enough rounds through mine just to make sure that it would handle decently hot .45 ammo OK & still function perfectly.
After that...I carried mine more than I shot it.
I packed mine factory "box stock" with no modifications.

Suggestion: Carry the pistol with its stubby officers length magazine and full size extra mags.

Concerning reliability...Same old either get a good one or not. Mine had no function related problems. Some did. There is no real reason why one cannot be made to function reliably if yours does not function properly right out of the box. I got lucky...mine was fine.
If you're concerned about reliability you could just buy a Colt Commander...they are really just as easy to conceal.

Great pistol! They really do work just fine. I'm honestly sorry that I don't have mine anymore.
I really miss it.
I carry a little GLOCK 36 now when I want to travel ".45 Light" but, I liked the Colt Officers Model much more than the Glock. Not that there is anything wrong with the Glock 36..........
I'm just much more used to Colt pattern pistols :king: ...I guess.

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The grip is usually more difficult to conceal than the slide, so I prefer the light weight single stacks. The shorter grip of the officers, micros,and ultras are fine for small or thin hands, but I prefer the standard grip because it gives me more to wrap for a proper hold in a speed draw. The 3" reliability problems resulted from the need to slow the cycle time, and Kimbers have been very reliable. I prefer the 4" because when it's canted in an IWB holster, the 5" is less comfortable. Any of the guns you mentioned will perform well when you stick with one and practice.
best to handle 1 or several. I like the shorter barreled autos for easier concealment. The 5" barrel seems to stick out too much. The Para are a bit thick in the grip, but ya gotta try em for yourself.
Unless you have unusually large hands I would stay away from the double stacks. As far as what length to get I would go with the Commander model (4 1/4") I personaly feel that model is the best balanced. The officers and micros are decent if you get a good one, they can give you nightmares if ya get a bad one.
I perfer OWB carry personaly, I carry at 5 o'clock position and use about a 20 deg cant on a high ride holster. I have been wanting to try out a shoulder holster now its getting cooler out.
For not other reason than its a colt buy it.

I prefer a 5 inch myself
Welcome! Like a few others, I am not a 1911 afficianado, but I do enjoy the 45ACP offerings. I picked up a Taurus PT145 (10+1 in a smaller package than a 357 snubby) and am quite content with its performance, as well as the $329 price tag...
Welcome to the forum.

I've got a StarPD with the 3.5" barrel and a ported Springfield V10 with the same dimensions. They are a little more sensitive to limp wristing, but reliability isn't a big issue.
Both needed to have their feed ramps introduced to Mr.Dremmel to eat my 230 gr. Hydra Shoks, bit other than that, no problems that would keep me from carrrying either.

After just recently starting to carry a 5" 1911, I'm starting to see the potential benefits to the 4" commander. That's not to say the full size is difficult to carry - it's not. But the shorter slide would make it a bit more comfortable sitting in hard chairs.
Para Ordnance Carry 12 LDA

I had a Para Ordnance Carry 12 LDA which is the double action version and it was my primary carry weapon for a number of years. Extremely accuate and functionally excellent.
Hey all

Still on the .45 discussion, I recently found two very nice-looking handguns styles that are still on the 1911 frame. The new Detonics Combatmaster and the Charles Daly Field .45 in the officer's version. Anyone have any experience with these pistols?
James, have you checked out the SA Champion Loaded? heres a pic

It is somewhere between a officers and a commander, it has a full size grip, but a 3 15/16" barrel. It has all the goodies a 1911er could want, plus it decently priced and comes in the light weight version. I have held and fondled this champion many times tring to decide which mid size 1911 to get next.
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Man, that's a beauty. What's the MSRP on it?
Here is Kimber's 4" alloy frame stainless slide Pro Carry with night sights. Kimber signed a deal with CT laser grips, and will offer grey wraparounds with the Kimber logo for a complete light weight carry pkg. 28 oz. The 3" Ultra CDP is a looker.
Have you given any thought to a Sig P245? I have small hands and I love mine. I find it just about the perfect size for CCW.
Risque007 said:
Man, that's a beauty. What's the MSRP on it?
I got mine NIB for around $800.
Havi9ng just recently gone through the same type of decision myself, I would strongly urge you to handle (and shoot if possible) as many different models as you can before purchase. I went to the gun show thinking I was going to get a Kahr PM40, walked away with a XD40sc. It just felt better and I have not been disappointed. There are lots of really good guns available now and it pays to get familiar with as many as possible before buying. Unless you enjoy (and can afford) collecting.....
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