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What are your thoughts about Ruger?

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I think most people are aware of Ruger’s statements such as
* "No honest man needs more than 10 rounds in any gun."
* "I never meant for simple civilians to have my 20 or 30 round magazines or my folding stock."
* "I see nothing wrong with waiting periods."
if you want to see more you can read this link.

I am thinking about buying a Ruger but I am still annoyed by his statements. How many others still have anti Ruger feelings now that the AWB has ended? I am thinking of buying this as my next gun and am wondering what others feel about buying Ruger products

Ruger Old Army Cap and Ball Revolver 45 Caliber 7-1/2" Stainless Steel Barrel

Designed to be the most advanced and accurate percussion revolver ever made, the 45 Caliber Ruger Old Army features an innovative hammer and base pin assembly that will not come open during recoil. Because it can be disassembled without tools, cleaning and maintenance are quick and easy. This revolver has a round barrel, steel frame, 6-shot cylinder, fixed sights and two-piece grips.
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Who am I to say his opinions are less than those I hold???

My only concern is that his pistols are reliable and that is about it. I have a few friends that have Ruger\'s and love them.

I already know what my next few purchases will be and no Ruger is not on the list. But that is no way based on the statements made. Aesthetically, their pistols do not make me go Ohhhh Ahhhh.

Ruger makes a really good gun, I wouldn\'t probably carry one daily. I believe Ruger investment casts all their large parts including frames, slides and such and I would rather have forged. For hunting or just shooting I would consider a Ruger but that\'s not what I do. As for their politics, the statements annoy me as well. I have a S&W that I have had for a long time but won\'t buy another one. Ruger may get added to that list...
What comments has S&W made?


Originally posted by Bumper
I have a S&W that I have had for a long time but won\'t buy another one. Ruger may get added to that list...
They (S&W) did a bunch of stuff when they were owned by the Brittish. They were bought back by Americans and they pretty much said they were sorry for what happened when they were owned by the Brittish. I didb\'t buy S&W products during the boycott but I have bought 6 S&Ws during the past couple of years. As far as I know Ruger never backed off from the statements that were made by Bill before he died.
Rugers dead and isnt running the company .. did it stop me from buying there guns no .. no one makes a tougher wheelie.. Sure i didnt agree with what he said but isnt gonna stop me .. granted i dont own a smith and have held there sell out against them for awhile ... but wont stop me from buying from them ...Ruger is one fo the largest gun makers do ya want um to go out of bizz like colt is trying to ...
Tc, wait till pics are allowed to be posted again and I get my new wheel. I think I might make you think twice about S&W wheels. :rock::O


Originally posted by Tc300mag1
Rugers dead and isnt running the company .. did it stop me from buying there guns no .. no one makes a tougher wheelie.. Sure i didnt agree with what he said but isnt gonna stop me .. granted i dont own a smith and have held there sell out against them for awhile ... but wont stop me from buying from them ...Ruger is one fo the largest gun makers do ya want um to go out of bizz like colt is trying to ...
Bill Ruger

Bill Ruger was a fine man and an excellent engineer. If I failed to talk to or due business with everyone I do not agree with, I believe life would get lonely.:(
I don\'t buy Colt. They stopped selling AR15\'s to the public to apease the anti gun lobby.
My only real experience with a ruger was at a firing range. The guy in the next lane over had a .22 target pistol. 10 yards his goupings were very very impressive. He said he hadn\'t had it for long, but so far it had been trouble free.
Smith wheels never fit me ive owned 2 model 29s and prefer the super redhawk to them ... like i said my first smith wheelie might be the 4\" 500 soon i hope if i can get one ... i really love colt wheelies but the $$$$
I am greatly annoyed by Rugers statements. Although i would love to have one of their pistols because i think they look quite nice, i refuse to buy one because of Rugers position with guns. Not saying that Ruger is wrong to think the way he does, i just don\'t agree with it at all.
I\'ve got 4 Rugers, some are pistols, some are wheelers. The pistols are a bit \'thick'to carry IWB, so I don\'t. I must say that all of them are accurate, eat anything, moderately priced, and are tough as nails. I occasionally carry the SP101 as a BUG.
I bought a Ruger 500 series .357 a while back, sold it o my neighbor. I was a very solid wheelgun. Would I carry with my Ruger? Nah.
Heavy, durable, and ugly. Sorta like that girl in High School,
The one that was fun, but you didn\'t want to be seen with by your buddies.
Ruger Guns

I carried my Ruger SP101 .357 daily for quite a long time. It now resides in my daughter\'s capable hands in her own home protecting her new family. I taught her to shoot on a Ruger 10/22 rifle when she was 10. When she turned 12 she learned handguns on a Ruger Super Single Six S.A. revolver. She went from there to the SP101 and effectively made it her own until she graduated college and got married a couple of years ago when I made it one of her wedding presents. My only task now is to bring her husband up to her standards of gun handling. I also own a Ruger Mini-14 with the original factory folding stock. Fine weapon.

I admit old man Ruger\'s political antigun comments really pi$$ed me off, but I was tending to think that they were made in the interest of company survival in the face of the most antigun President in history. The original AWB didn\'t even mention the Ruger brand name. Commercial survival tactics at their best. I don\'t agree or condone it, at all. S&W suffered greatly for doing something worse. So did Colt when they stopped selling the AR15 to the public. But I\'m not a businessman.

I like the Ruger guns. I\'m rather considering their new \"Alaskan\" revolver as a woods gun. I have never really liked their semiauto handguns, but for me that has always been a matter of ergonomics, rather than a complaint against the reliability or accuracy of the product. I like S&W wheelguns and can\'t stand their semiautos for the exact same reasons.

As has been mentioned, the old man is dead and the company is in different hands. S&W has also changed hands and I have forgiven them the previous CEO\'s transgressions with the Clinton Administration.
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Ruger won\'t ever get my business - without Bill\'s participation, I don\'t know if the mag ban etc would have ever passed.

And it wasn\'t against the most anti-gun President in history as a backdrop that he began his idiocy - it was when Bush Sr was in office in 89.

All it would take from Ruger would be a \"We are happy to sell our full line of firearms and accessories, including magazines of legal capacity\" statement - and how hard is that?

Apparently too hard for them to stomach.

Note that factory 20 and 30 round Mini-14 mags still aren\'t available from them for civilian sale.
Growing up my dad\'s favorite pistol was and still is his Ruger P85. He got it when it was the bleeding edge of technology. It\'s now well worn but it still breathes fire and spits lightning.

It was our constant guardian. As even a little boy I knew when we were traveling across country late at night, my dad was there watching over us and so was the Ruger.

Last year I received a very thoughtful gift of a Ruger P89 with a stainless slide. I shoot it all the time. It\'s my only automatic pistol and will be for quite some time. I found it works very well for me with Mec-Gar 17 round capacity magazines and Winchesters. I plan to take my CCW test with it.

Is it the nicest pistol you can get? No, but it\'s much more affordable than a SIG and it stands head and shoulders above the pot metal crap. It\'s a real working man\'s gun; a gun for someone who likes something that\'s not junk but can\'t afford to throw down $700 on a new HK. A gun that\'s better than what the criminals use.

It will always have a place in my collection. It\'s a double stack 9mm automatic pistol. I\'ve added some Hogue grips which make it like a whole new pistol. They improve performance 200% I swear. You seen the retaining pin on one of these things? It\'s a hard, solid shiny piece of steel. Not a little piece of plastic.

The Ruger P Series has been called the AK47 of the handgun world and I agree. It\'s not the most accurate, it\'s not the prettiest, and it\'s bulky in the hand for a lot of people. But it is rock solid. You could fire 20,000 rounds through this gun and I bet you that you\'d never break it. The magazine would wear out first.

My only beef with it is that the magazine catch doesn\'t always engage if you gently slide the magazine in, so it takes a certain touch. You have to insert the magazine firmly without slamming it.

Is it a good carry piece? No. Too thick. But does it have its uses? Oh heavens yes. It\'s taught me an appreciation for a well made automatic pistol for one thing. It\'s given me access to cheap practice ammunition for another so I can go shooting every other weekend and fire 250 rounds at a time. It\'s a tool that I have used to become a safer person, a more competent handler of firearms, and a better marksman who\'s more likely to succeed under stress.

I don\'t give a damn what someone whose surname is Ruger says. I won\'t cut myself off from such a tool.
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*Ruger\'s comments were troubling and I consider them aggravating factors when comparing Ruger products to others, but they aren\'t the end for me.

*I think Ruger\'s semi-automatic handguns are cheap pieces of crap. Sorry folks. They may in fact be robust weapons, but I think they have LOUSY ergonomics, fit, finish, and are sloppy shooters IN MY EXPERIENCE. I have yet to have any experience with the new P345......I\'ve heard that\'s much better. I like Ruger\'s revolvers however.

*I have been spoiled by SIG and HK, and I\'m not a wheelgun fan really so Ruger products (aside from possibly a Mini 14) aren\'t close to being desirable. That I can avoid buying from a soft 2A supporter is that much better.
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