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Glock M29 or 1911—both in 10mm
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Ruger Guns

I carried my Ruger SP101 .357 daily for quite a long time. It now resides in my daughter\'s capable hands in her own home protecting her new family. I taught her to shoot on a Ruger 10/22 rifle when she was 10. When she turned 12 she learned handguns on a Ruger Super Single Six S.A. revolver. She went from there to the SP101 and effectively made it her own until she graduated college and got married a couple of years ago when I made it one of her wedding presents. My only task now is to bring her husband up to her standards of gun handling. I also own a Ruger Mini-14 with the original factory folding stock. Fine weapon.

I admit old man Ruger\'s political antigun comments really pi$$ed me off, but I was tending to think that they were made in the interest of company survival in the face of the most antigun President in history. The original AWB didn\'t even mention the Ruger brand name. Commercial survival tactics at their best. I don\'t agree or condone it, at all. S&W suffered greatly for doing something worse. So did Colt when they stopped selling the AR15 to the public. But I\'m not a businessman.

I like the Ruger guns. I\'m rather considering their new \"Alaskan\" revolver as a woods gun. I have never really liked their semiauto handguns, but for me that has always been a matter of ergonomics, rather than a complaint against the reliability or accuracy of the product. I like S&W wheelguns and can\'t stand their semiautos for the exact same reasons.

As has been mentioned, the old man is dead and the company is in different hands. S&W has also changed hands and I have forgiven them the previous CEO\'s transgressions with the Clinton Administration.
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